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Buddha Purnima Vesak Meditation

To move into Vesak with a strong positive intention of healing, forgiveness, compassion and service, joyn me on Thursday 4th May for a FREE channeled meditation at 9pm IST over ZOOM.

Buddha Purnima, also known as Vesak, celebrates the birth of Lord Buddha. It is celebrated worldwide, in the month of Vaishakha on Full Moon.

Buddha taught widely about Karma and rebirth, but his concept of karma focuses upon intention rather than the action. This teaching has been reiterated many times by Cosmic Master JadeFire as well. Buddha taught that our words and actions shall certainly have consequences and repercussions in this living embodiment, but the intention behind these, if not positive, and if not cleared of negative energy shall determine the course of our future embodiments as well.


JadeFire has explained this as - ‘Intention has energy. Strong energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transmuted. The one who makes the intent, whether this is done in awareness or unconsciously, is the only one who can undertake the responsibility of this transmutation. Not even the highest of Masters can do this for you. As untransmuted energies of intentions accumulate, they create a strong karmic template. These templates affect every aspect of your life holding you in patterns that could be painful and frustrating.’

This Buddha Purnima, whose Tithi begins on the night of Thursday 4th May and ends on the night of Friday 5th May, is particularly important from the perspective of understanding and clearing karmic templates. The channeled meditation shall focus upon this clearance so that it helps to set us further upon our path of our divine plan.

Joyn me on May 4th

Email me on or Whatsapp me to register and receive the ZOOM link for the FREE channeled meditation, and joyn the collective energy of clearance and compassion, on Thursday 4th May at 9 pm IST over ZOOM


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