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Your Cosmic Journal 2022

Once again... A New Year, and a new Cosmic Journal! 

It is a year that holds the energies of new beginnings, and fresh opportunities. Whilst these energies shall come to all on earth, we are reminded that in order to unlock the full potential, we need to empower ourselves by not falling prey to old patterns of thought, attitude and response. Old patterns encourage old energies to remain within us and around us. 


The Cosmic Journal of 2022 is geared towards manifesting hope-filled opportunities in your life. The journal shall elucidate the specific 'Hope' energies coming to you each month, and what you can do to unlock their full  potential, while paying close attention to the clearly mentioned patterns that can prevent the new doors from opening.


In 2022 there is potential of new doors opening each month, and you shall be made aware of the doors that are opening specifically for YOU in that month. In order to assist you in opening these doors, you shall be clearly guided about what you should avoid doing/being. Switchwords/Affirmations that help you in that month shall also be provided to you. 

JadeFire's message for 2022

Your Cosmic Journal shall come to you via Email only, and preparation of your journal shall commence once the full energy exchange per journal is received.  The energy exchange per journal is Rs. 4500/- (if payment is made via a bank in India) OR USD 75 (if paid via a bank outside India or via payment platforms like PayPal). 


Journals take time to prepare, so to receive your journal before the beginning of the new year, please order NOW by filling in the form given below.

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