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Consciousness Activation

Crystalline Consciousness Activation introduces you, in a profound way, to the Crystalline Energy of Gaia, and connects you to the Crystalline Energies of the Cosmos. 

Image by Greg Rakozy

introducing you to...

This Energy lies deep within the core of Gaia's breast and streams outwards, encompassing the earth, forming a powerful crystalline grid around Earth. The activation program is a merging of energies - your energy and Gaia's crystalline energy.  During the Crystalline Consciousness Activation you are energetically balanced and aligned through your Chakric System, connected to the Divine Energy of Gaia, and cleared of imprints that were necessary for the earlier phases of ascension and evolution. These imprints are no longer required, and in fact, can come in the way of the current evolution process. During the activation program, you shall receive energy implants that shall gradually release their energies into your energy system in order to birth you into a  Crystalline Consciousness Communicator. Each one shall experience their own unique process of birthing, as the energies shall release at the speed and manner determined by your specific Inner Wisdom and Energy Positioning. If this information resonates with you, then this Activation is for you. 

a deeper understanding...

Before we go further it is important for you to understand Crystalline Consciousness as explained to me today. Crystalline Consciousness is a living consciousness that changes and evolves gradually but constantly. That is what the human body is. Our energy system is a crystalline matrix consisting of physical tissues, blood, water, plasma, cells, meridians, and chakras. This matrix is infused with crystalline consciousness. Our personal ascension, and global evolution, is influenced by, and directed by, this ever- changing consciousness. Unknown to us, our frequency vibrations change ever-so-minutely every single day! If this change did not have to contend with our beliefs, judgments, toxins etc. it would result in a consistent amplification and expansion of our frequencies. Crystalline energy stores and transmits cosmic information by transmitting and receiving Cosmic Light. This light has different properties, and we can access the different aspects of consciousness that best align with our unique crystalline nature. Each one of us has a unique crystalline matrix, and thus the Crystalline Consciousness Activation is a very individual process, that can be, and is, different for each person. Every activation shall set off a different consciousness code in each one, and thus result in a set of releases, transmissions and transmutations that are unique to you alone. 

With every activation, your matrix links itself to a particular field of vibrational energy that is Crystalline, yes, but which is entirely unique to you, because your state of Consciousness is completely different from that of another. When it does this, your physical body and your current energy system instantaneously begins to release old implants that no longer serve you. The human body regains health, and the energy system manifests at a quicker rate. But more important than either of these is the fact that you birth into a Crystalline Consciousness Communicator because of a natural internal and inter-dimensional alignment, and cosmic integration. Star Systems naturally and continually communicate with each other because their matrices are linked by crystalline structures. By birthing as a Crystalline Consciousness Communicator, you, in effect, become a Star System yourself! This is vitally important for the evolution of the Earth, as not only do Gaia and our Star System align cosmically with other star systems, but so do we! The amplification and unification of energy that this creates on Earth cannot be described. 

Image by Masaaki Komori

The Activation shall proceed for about 9 weeks.

As the Activation is a very personal and individual process, the Channelings / Meditations / Activations have been recorded by me, and put up as private videos on my YouTube Channel. You shall receive the links when you register for this Activation Program. EACH ACTIVATION/MEDITATION HAS TO BE DONE ONCE ONLY (unless otherwise mentioned in the channeling). This is very important to remember, and follow.  You may, however, listen to the channeling again if you wish to do so. Once you hear the recording, and allow the activation to come into effect, you need to give it at least a week before you proceed with the next one. You shall receive nine activations in total.

Once all the activations have been completed, your energy system shall begin to assimilate them, and the energies shall be released very slowly into your matrix, thus facilitating the gentle process of birthing you into a Crystalline Consciousness Communicator. Pursuant to this, how you shall communicate, what you shall communicate, and what kind of earthly/cosmic tasks you shall be called upon to perform, shall be led by your freshly activated energy matrix. Many may be called upon to be silent servers for humanity and Gaia, receiving and transmitting energies through our matrix, without any strong outward signs. So please trust in your process, and in yourself. This activation process may take nine weeks, or more, but its energies continue to be released very slowly into your matrix for a period of up to nine years!

  the modules   

As the Earth moves into her new phase of higher frequencies from 2024 onwards, Gaia shall need large numbers of us to be Crystalline Consciousness Communicators, so that there are strong vibrational linkages between the human world, the planet, and the star systems. You can start the program whenever you wish. Each one shall be drawn to this program at different times, as their Inner Consciousness awakens to it.

yes, i’m in!! how can i sign up?

If you are drawn to beginning your Crystalline Consciousness Activation, please email me  The recordings shall be sent to you as links to the recordingsThe total per person energy investment for this activation is Rs. 18,000/- only per person - (if you are paying through a bank in India) OR USD 275/- only per person (if you are paying through a bank outside India or via PayPal and other platforms). Please feel free to share information about this activation with large numbers, but please honour the integrity of the activations by not sharing the links to the recordings with anyone else. To register, and receive answers to more queries that you may have, please email me

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