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Image by Caleb Woods

Portal Creation and Illumination Event

 Dear Illuminators, 

I have been guided by my Cosmic Master, JadeFire, to facilitate a coming together of hearts, minds, and souls on 22.2.2022 (Tuesday, 22nd Feb, 2022). I am told that this is a hugely significant portal event, unlike any other. On this date, at this Illumination Event, you shall come face to face with your Soul Mission, and be readied for the Consciousness Leap into the 5th Dimension. And, what excited me the most was the information that at this we shall be guided through a meditative process that shall help us to create an Earth Portal that shall hold Cosmic Energies that we can access just by stepping into this space! 

For those who are healers, lightworkers, tarot card readers, or have their own businesses, this is a divine gift like no other. You can use the method to energise any number of places as you wish, whether it be a room in your home, or an area in your work space, but keeping in mind that the Cosmic portal created is effective only for the person who undertakes the responsibility of creating and illuminating the Cosmic Portal.

You have done much work on yourself, and have made or attempted to make, major changes in your life. You are persistently striving to raise your frequency vibrations and balance your energies. This Portal Event comes to you because you are ready to move up to a new level of connection and consciousness that shall propel you into the next stage of your ascension plan.

Besides the creation of this personal portal, a huge cosmic portal opens for the world as well. This World Portal shall connect Soul Families, and  activate monadic connections. You could, in fact, call it the birthing of the New Earth, with Gaia being firmly established into the driver’s seat for the very first time!!

Tuesday, 22nd February, 2022 
6.30pm IST  |  Via ZOOM  |  90 minutes

The event shall start with a Channeling, and then move on to the cosmically guided meditative exercise to create and illuminate your personal cosmic portal.

The energy exchange for the event is Rs. 777/- per participant (if paid through a bank in India/GPay/Paytm) OR USD 22/- (if paid via Paypal or a bank outside India).


You can attend this event in person, or choose to receive the recording of the live event. The energy impact for the creation of the portal remains unaffected. The energy exchange remains unchanged.  

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