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Acceptance, Forbearance, Forgiveness

How does one practice acceptance, forbearance and forgiveness? I have often been asked this.

In order to accept you must be completely convinced that all that comes to you, comes to you for a purpose. You must be completely convinced that the purpose though predetermined, has been chosen by you. You must believe that what you are in physical is not what you are in essence. It is only when these three truths become part of your cellular knowledge that you can then look towards acceptance, because acceptance is without all resistance. In order to accept you must be able to move beyond the physical. Acceptance is opening your entire being up to the Now and to the Here without labelling that moment, without calling that moment good or bad, difficult or easy. There are no labels when there is acceptance. Every moment is only an acknowledgment of the Now and the Here. This acknowledgment comes with the wisdom that every moment comes for a purpose.

Forbearance goes one step further. When you have the wisdom that the Now and the Here are for a purpose, you shall pull down from Spirit a strength so powerful that no hurdle is so big that you cannot overcome it.

Forgiveness goes even beyond even forbearance. When you have pulled down the strength of Spirit, this divine power is spread to empower another who is attempting to harm or hurt you or yours. Forgiveness comes with the full wisdom that all is Spirit, and none is intrinsically evil.

How shall you practice this? For just one moment every day. But in that one moment the acceptance, forbearance and forgiveness shall be complete. As you practise this each day, you shall reach a state of 'beyond time' as that one moment begins to expand naturally, effortlessly. Yes, you shall struggle initially, and, of course you shall make mistakes. Accept this. Forgive this.

There is no greater acceptance than acceptance of self, for it is only when you can see yourself stark naked, stripped of all defences, masks and walls, that you can begin to appreciate the vulnerability of another, and become sensitive to the other's need to hide behind facades. It is only when you forgive yourself for the many, many times you fall, shall you honour the efforts made by another to overcome a tremendous challenge. Through this nakedness, through these falls, shall you rise into your full glory. And as you rise, you shall see that another's journey to personal glory must also be through their errors, through their failures, and through their defeats. And it is then that a splendid transformation takes place, as every failure becomes a victory of Spirit, and every fall an opportunity to rise even higher.

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