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Hating Ourselves - Being Cruel To Animals

I asked my beloved Cosmic OverLord, JadeFire, to explain this disturbing occurrence of cruelty to animals. His answer is worthy of deep attention. Here it is

‘Beloved, when the hate within reaches levels that could cause an emotional and/or psychological implosion, the subconscious seeks some way to release this. This release comes through cruelty. Cruelty is the most obvious evidence of hate. The hate is the hatred for self, hatred for people, and hatred for humanity as a whole. When this hatred cannot be expressed due to fear, and conditioning that forbids this expression, it seeks a source that is weak, that shall not be able to defend itself, but, most importantly, that they shall not feel condemned by, rejected by.

If you wish to stop cruelty against animals, formulating laws to prevent this is not going to do it. You have to work hard at raising self-esteem, at understanding the root from where the self-hatred stems, at creating opportunities where such children and adults can learn about love - love for self, and love for others. Souls that commit cruelty, whether to an animal or to another human being who is weaker than they are, are, at a deep level, wishing to hurt themselves, and hurt those who have made them feel this insignificant, this rejected. It is not the animals that they hate, it is not the weaker human being that they hate - they hate mankind, they hate themselves. Hatred is slowly, but surely, removing divinity from their inner core. This shall not only cause irrevocable harm to them, but shall sear the very core of humanity.

Yes, even those who hunt down big game are doing this to overcome an unrecognised ‘small’ feeling, whereby this ‘sport’ makes them feel powerful. Where does the root of this powerlessness lie? When a human being touches the core of inner power that lies within each and every living being, it is impossible to express cruelty in any degree and in any form. Start with children. Give them opportunities at school and at home to experience their power, their inner divinity. Then you shall not need to formulate laws that are not effectual, because you shall have a fresh generation of human beings that respect themselves, and understand love in all its forms.

The hunters of yore who hunted for food, revered the animals that they hunted. The hunter and hunted, both, knew at the core level of divinity that here was a sacred contract that was being fulfilled. The hunter did not kill out of sport, or out of hatred, but out a deep sense of adoration and gratitude. The human world is still ignorant of the yeomen service rendered to them by animals. Several of the animals that are killed cruelly, give themselves up to this cruelty in order to serve the human being, by allowing them this horrible means of expressing hate, which otherwise would cause greater devastation to the person, and to the world around him. All of the animals who sacrifice themselves as food, do so as a fulfilment of a soul contract between them and the world of Gaia. In this sacrifice, there is no hatred in the heart of the ‘butcher’ or the person who eats. In fact, there is gratitude (there should be gratitude) to this noble animal who entered into this contract.

When children commit grievous physical harm to an animal, the human world must recognise that this is the soul crying out for help. A child’s psyche is naturally tender, and it needs to be subjected to abuse of a severe degree to turn that tenderness into cruelty. Locate that source of abuse, remove the child from that source, and do whatever you need to, to reform that source so that it cannot wound more children.

Looking at the issue of cruelty to animals as separate from a deep psychological human challenge is not possible. The solution shall require laws, yes, but it shall require a complete overhauling of how human beings treat each other. It is in this that you shall find the solution.'

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