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2023 - The Year of (Karmic) Opportunity

Hello friend. 2023 can be considered the Year of Karmic Opportunity - the karmic opportunity to clear old, worn-out patterns, and use the opportunities to receive fresh impetus to go forward, and grow forward. Throughout this year let us not forget what Cosmic OverLord JadeFire has repeatedly stressed upon - ‘nothing happens to you; everything happens for you’. If we remember this, we shall have an entirely different perspective of all events – personal, professional, national and global. In 2023, and in the few years to follow, this awareness shall help us to remain steadfast in our growth, and expansive in our understanding. Thus, we can be the ones to wear the mantle of spiritual servers who help others, support others, and illuminate others, each one doing this in our special and unique way.

As 2022 neared its end, Cosmic OverLord JadeFire emphasised that karmic templates are being ‘fired up’. What he means by this is that with the dawn of the new age of consciousness and spirit-directed living, deep-set karmic energy that the earth’s matrix cannot contain and support any longer, leaves its dark depths where it resided for so many centuries, and rises to the surface where it receives ‘light’. As soon as the darkness and light collide with each other, there is an ‘explosion’ that shatters the darkness, and makes way for light to settle permanently. This explosion of global karmic templates determines our personal karmic energies as well, because our personal karmic templates are but the micro versions of the global macro templates. Global events are thus intrinsically intertwined with personal events, and vice versa.

The collision between dark and light shall cause many structures to collapse. The collapses could be physical, economic, financial, corporate, political, educational, professional, emotional, mental, et al. This process started in 2021, and escalated in 2022. These collisions, and the widespread changes that come with them, can seem threatening if we view them as such. But, what they are, in fact, and what they shall continue to be, are opportunities for shift and expansion like we have never before experienced. If we can appreciate them for what they truly are, we shall not react with fear, and shall find the courage to embrace the changes. Fear results in the old karmic templates getting stronger, and forcing the collisions to be bigger than they need to be. The more of us who understand this, live this, and share this truth with others, the fewer persons shall there be who shall respond to these massive changes and events with fear, and thus help to contain and manage the collisions. Yes, I know this is easier said than done, but let us all have about us a band of close-knit friends and loved ones who can remind us when we forget, and who can hold us when we believe we might fall.

Another very important aspect of 2023, and the few years to follow, is the powerful unfoldment of the Soul Missions of each person, each community, and each nation. As a result of this, JadeFire says, there could be a growth in migration, with some feeling the need to move from where they currently are to another place that calls out to them. This ‘calling’ is driven by the Soul Mission as it seeks to move to a different place in order to be a part of an energy wave that shall facilitate the unfoldment. This migration could be, both, self-chosen and ‘enforced’. Yes, there shall be some who shall be ‘forced’ out of their old homes, cities, jobs, etc. so that they leave behind stagnant energies, finding resonance with new energies most suited for the illumination of the soul mission. These migratory shifts have already begun in a small way in 2022, and shall accelerate in 2023 and beyond.

For those who may not fully understand the meaning of the term ‘Soul Mission’, here is a brief explanation. Before you began your journey as an embodied soul, you were an undivided part of the ONE SOURCE – The ALL THAT IS. The ONE SOURCE is in a constant state of dynamic shift, experiencing and recreating itself over and over again. A part of this dynamic process is the constant division of SOURCE into minute particles that we may call ‘soul’. A soul is, and shall always be, a part of the ONE SOURCE, but when it embodies itself, the soul energy covers itself with another unique layer of energy. This energy layer is the ‘ego’ that serves as the vehicle to carry the soul. The ego layer is not as ‘light- illumined’ as the soul energy, and thus ‘forgets’ its eternal connection with SOURCE, quickly falling into the darkness of ignorance and the lowering of frequencies that follows as a result. In due course, ‘dark’ and ‘light’ begin to co-exist, across all embodiments, till as long as the soul re-merges with the ONE SOURCE again.

Before you (soul) took your first, original embodiment, you (soul) made a powerful soul choice in response to 'What is my MISSION? What is the MISSION that urges me to embark on this journey of embodiments?' This answer is your SOUL MISSION. The Mission is the overarching reason, the cause, the purpose, for which ONE SOURCE chose to exist as this divine particle that is You (Soul). This Mission is unique for each one, and is uniquely fulfilled by each one. It is fulfilled in differing degrees in every one of your incarnations, and when it blazes into 100% Light Unfoldment it marks the end of the journey of embodiments, when you,

soul, lose your individual identity as you reunify with SOURCE.

How do you know what your Soul Mission is? I am sure there are other ways as well, even though they are not known to me, but I have been taught by JadeFire to read natal charts, to understand the esoteric journey of the soul, and to decipher the karmic templates, and the Soul Mission. This information is prepared for those who desire it (you may already have this) in the form of a Soul Blueprint Report. (You can read more about this on )

The collision of dark and light, and the migratory movements, are geared towards the same goal – unfoldment of the Soul Mission. It goes without saying that every embodiment of ours moves in the direction of the Soul Mission. Even when we have strayed, our soul energies have very powerfully attempted to pull us back onto the path of the Mission. What is different now is this; for all of your embodiments, and for all of the past years of this embodiment, the energies of the karmic templates and the energies of the Soul Mission co-existed, e

ach one aiding the other, often in ways that we did not understand. From 2023 onwards this aspect of co-existence changes. Radically. As we move closer to 2025/26 only one of these energies shall exist as the primary energy. Either the Soul Mission or the Karmic templates. To ensure that the Soul Mission energy prevails, and is now enthroned, the Universe, and our collective higher energies, help us forward by using the collisions of dark and light, and the migratory shifts. Our responsibility is to respond with consciousness, and not be afeared even as the earth appears to shake under our feet. Our second responsibility is to create a tribe of like-energy souls that illuminate each other, support e

ach other, and empower each other.

May the strength of your Soul Mission be the light that shines for you, and upon you, all through the year.

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