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An Important Channeled Message About 2021


The end of 2020 brings the end of a 2000+ year cycle. It ushers in a new phase of collective consciousness and human evolution that stretches over a cosmic cycle of 2000+ years. This cycle shall begin by phasing out patterns of human living that have kept us bound in materialism and denseness. It then encourages old systems to fall - financial, political, commercial, social, communal, familial - and births new systems that anchor Divinity into daily life. Divinity that is natural, easy, free-flowing, unlaboured. These earth changes have already begun, and shall continue undeterred. There is no force on Earth strong enough to resist or withstand this metamorphosis.

Will the change be an easy one? There is no specific answer to that. The more conscious and self-chosen the personal changes are, the more exhilarating and life-affirming shall be the metamorphosis. The more you choose to remain in the old energies that have no space to exist in the earth matrix after December of 2020, the greater shall be the personal challenges faced. These challenges are opportunities that you shall create for yourself to review, renew, re-emerge. A WIN_WIN situation, however, you choose to face the coming cycle.

The cycle can be called COSMIC ANCHORAGE, and ushers in a gradual transformation in 'matter' itself, such that it can exist as 'matter' only when Light energy within it predominates. Today, the world sees dense matter as substantial, but the days of this 'fact' are numbered. The Cycle of Cosmic Anchorage shall redefine 'matter' as the container for Light, and by the time this new cycle gives way to yet another future cycle, matter shall not be able to exist unless it is completely filled with Light!

The changes, though they may be imperceptible initially, shall start from the beginning of 2021, and the more willing and conscious your process of personal change, the more exciting and miraculous shall be the shifts that you shall live through.

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