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30-Day Meditation Alchemy Program

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Are you ready for 2021? Has 2020 made you aware of stagnation, the frustration of being caught in the rut of work, bills, duties?

Many have reached out bemoaning the loss of motivation, inner connection, and outer contentment. Simultaneously, there is a strong inner prodding to shift into higher gear, to re-vision the future, to awaken to a deeper truth. A truth that is pulsating within, but, which tantalisingly seems to be just out of reach.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies are reeling under the stagnancy of the years, causing dis-ease, confusion, unrest, and misalignment with the purpose of the soul.

This is the divine gift you have received in 2020!

YES!!! It is a GIFT --- an opportunity for you to be the ALCHEMIST that you have been waiting for!                                  


Awaken the Alchemist, Empower the Seer, Arouse the Diviner --- READ ON. 




















The end of 2020 brings the end of a 2000+ year cycle. It ushers in a new phase of collective consciousness and human evolution that stretches over a cosmic cycle of 2000+ years. This cycle shall begin by phasing out patterns of human living that have kept us bound in materialism and denseness. It then encourages old systems to fall - financial, political, commercial, social, communal, familial - and births new systems that anchor Divinity into daily life. Divinity that is natural, easy, free-flowing, unlaboured. These earth changes have already begun, and shall continue undeterred. There is no force on Earth strong enough to resist or withstand this metamorphosis.


Will the change be an easy one? There is no specific answer to that. The more conscious and self-chosen the personal changes are, the more exhilarating and life-affirming shall be the metamorphosis. The more you choose to remain in the old energies that have no space to exist in the earth matrix after December of 2020, the greater shall be the personal challenges faced. These challenges are opportunities that you shall create for yourself to review, renew, re-emerge. A WIN_WIN situation, however, you choose to face the coming cycle.


The cycle can be called COSMIC ANCHORAGE, and ushers in a gradual transformation in 'matter' itself, such that it can exist as 'matter' only when Light energy within it predominates. Today, the world sees dense matter as substantial, but the days of this 'fact' are numbered. The Cycle of Cosmic Anchorage shall redefine 'matter' as the container for Light, and by the time this new cycle gives way to yet another future cycle, matter shall not be able to exist unless it is completely filled with Light!

The changes, though they may be imperceptible initially, shall start from the beginning of 2021, and the more willing and conscious your process of personal change, the more exciting and miraculous shall be the shifts that you shall live through. 

Burst of Light

Based on the channeled message that you have just read, is the invaluable 30-DAY MEDITATION ALCHEMY PROGRAM, starting December 1st, 2020, over WhatsApp. (If you miss this date, you can choose to start this program whenever you wish!!)

Each day you shall receive a self-metamorphosis, inspired message cum meditation, via video link or written message, to take you through a journey leading you away from separation, scarcity mindset, toxic karmic patterns, and beliefs that trap you in fear and pain. Reconnecting you to YOUR IMMUTABLE CORE ESSENCE.


And, That's Not All! READ ON ... There's MORE!


But first, let's see what each day shall gift you

Day 1... A deep look at self as it is today - Recognising the growth potential

Day 2... Recognising Core Limiting Beliefs - The Power of Choice

Day 3...Recognising the Truth About Pain

Day 4...Separation is an Illusion 

Day 5...Scarcity Does Not Exist

Day 6...Emotions - Our Guides, Our Teachers

Day 7...Forgiveness is Gratitude

Day 8...A deep look at self as it is today - Recognising the growth potential

Day 9...New Grounding, New Roots

Day 10...Re-Connections - Inner, Outer, Deeper, Higher

Day 11...Vibrations, Frequencies, and Creation

Day 12...Freedom From The Toxins of Guilt and Rage

Day 13...Raising Vibrations with Music and Sound

Day 14...Understanding the Law of Attraction

Day 15...Cosmic Masculine Feminine Energies, and Their Earthly Resonance

Day 16...Looking Out, And Seeing In - The Challenge of Self-Love

Day 17...Karma - The Intention Game

Day 18...Receiving Inspiration

Day 19...My Family and I - A Deeper Truth

Day 20...The Gift of Chaos

Day 21...There I Go! - Recognising Self

Day 22...Freedom From Ancestral Burdens

Day 23...Utilising The Cosmic Ray to Develop Inner Strength

Day 24...Love is NOT an Emotion - Cosmic Ray of Love Explained

Day 25...Seek, and You Shall Find - An Unchangeable Truth

Day 26...Serving Without Sacrificing

Day 27...Changing The 'Stress' Programming

Day 28...Everyone is a Channel

Day 29...Staying Strong When Everything is Crumbling

Day 30...Taking Responsibility of Your Light Signature 


And Here's MORE!















To take you into a year long self-definition practice, this 30-DAY MEDITATION ALCHEMY PROGRAM offers you a HIGHLY DISCOUNTED Cosmic Journal for 2021. Just for you! This is an invaluable tool of self-determination and awareness that has helped countless people for over 10 years. When you REGISTER for this program, you can order this journal for yourself only, at a never-before fee of only INR 1750/- (OR USD 30) instead of the current fee of INR 3,500/- (OR  USD 60). PLEASE NOTE that the Cosmic Journal cannot be ordered after December 28th, 2021.   To read about the Cosmic Journal in detail,  CLICK HERE

And There's EVEN MORE!


Those who pay the full fee before the commencement of the 30-DAY MEDITATION ALCHEMY PROGRAM (Yes, there's an instalment plan available too), receive a BONUS! The 60+ page LOVE WISDOM Journal cum Diary comes to you (via Email) entirely FREE. Yes, FREE












So, no more waiting! 


Celebrate Yourself. Celebrate Your Life. 


Email me to learn of the Instalment plan (available only for INR payments).

If you wish to avail of the 50% discount available to you for the Cosmic Journal 2021, please add the discounted fee for the Cosmic Journal to the total remittance. 


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