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Soul Blueprint Report

Soul Blueprint And Cosmic Rays Report

This is a written report based upon the Soul Natal Chart that is emailed to those who are interested in knowing about the journey of their soul. It focuses upon the Cosmic Rays Structure, past patterns that hinder the soul’s evolution, life purpose for this incarnation, Cosmic Soul Mission that beckons us like a constant beacon, the strengths that can be used to resolve challenges, areas of growth potential and transformation, past phase of the soul journey, karmic chains that appear as your hurdles, health areas that need attention, emotional burdens of the past that are still unresolved, and the way to resolve these. 
To order, please send full name, time of birth, place of birth, and date of birth accurately as these form the foundation upon which the report is created. Deposit of energy exchange into the bank account prior to the preparation, is essential. Bank details shall be emailed to you once the order is received. 

Energy Investment Rs. 9,750/-  for payments made through banks within India/ USD 135 for payments through Paypal or other means.

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