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Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

Harnessing the energies of the Sun to revitalize your life.

A 4 Module Masterclass that helps you to use the sacred fire of the sun to make the shifts in your life that you choose.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

introducing you to... all-new Masterclass of 4 Modules that helps you to use the sacred fire of the Sun to make the shifts in your life that you choose. The Sun is one of the most unifying spiritual forms associated with our world. It is associated with divinity, new birth, harvest,  health and healing. It gives protection, clarity, vision and purification.

The Sun represents wholeness, and the manifestation of the divine through the human, and thus is the outward expression of our Universe. It signifies cosmic awareness and spiritual advancement and growth, helping you to connect and express  your authentic Self.

Whether you are looking for changes in your personal or professional life, the sun's energies clear the blocks holding you back, strengthen the sacred fire within you, and place you onto the path of fulfillment. If you are having troubles exerting your authority or standing up to the dominance of another, Surya is the Universal Friend who shall help you to gain control over your life and your decisions. It brings happiness and enthusiasm into your life, and heals the darkness of emotional clouds that sometimes cross our lives.

Click here to listen to an introduction of the Module.

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This simple, but strong, MasterClass shall help you to connect to this ancient potent force of Nature. The fee for this Masterclass is only Rs. 4,750/- (or USD 90). The links to all the recorded modules of the Masterclass shall come to you via email or WhatsApp as you desire.

Email me at to receive the details of payment and to register for this Masterclass.

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