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Saturn in Aquarius : The Change is Here!

The change is here. It’s Now. There’s no Never.

2023 is the beginning of a mega frequency shift on Earth that shall continue over the next few years. To herald this shift comes Saturn – the planet that is often feared but which is, in fact, our cosmic teacher and guide like no other. 

Image by Jasper Wilde

Saturn is the planet that propels us towards and into transformation.

Saturn's movement in Aquarius heralds the New Age. This movement is very important as it lays the groundwork for unity, brotherhood, and humanitarianism. The separativeness that we have lived in for eons is truly on its way out. Isn’t it joyous that you and I are here to witness it, to be a part of it?


But merely witnessing it is not enough. We have to participate in the change, and be frontrunners and teachers for our earth family collective. Saturn shall work with and through every single one of us to create a deeper inclusivity, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness and embrace within us and between us. This is exactly what humanity has been waiting for!

To work with Saturn, and not against it (oh, I wouldn’t recommend that at all!!), I bring this masterclass to you that discusses your personal planetary positions of Saturn – natal as well as transitory. 

What you do not need: You do not need to have any prior knowledge of soul-based astrology, as everything shall be explained to you in detail. From the ground up, as they say. 

What you do need: Your natal chart with transits

For this you shall require the accurate knowledge of the time, place, and date of your birth. If you do not have a soul chart report created by me already, you can go to or any other such website of your choosing, and create your natal and transit chart diagram. It’s simple and takes only a few short minutes. But, if you have trouble with it, I shall be happy to help you in this process. 

How the houses (different areas of your life) are affected by this movement of Saturn

How each zodiac sign shall be ‘shaken and stirred’ by this significant shift

What we can do to align with the shift and get the most benefit from it, by making the appropriate changes in ourselves

What shall be discussed

You shall receive the entire recording of this masterclass, plus notes that shall be emailed to you to set a foundation that shall help you to follow the masterclass. 


Energy Exchange per participant : INR 5500/- (payment via an Indian bank, GPay or PayTM) OR USD 85/- (payment via PayPal)

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