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Anxiety : Let It Not Make You Powerless

Ellaeenah and Jogita bring to you an Anxiety Management Workshop that empowers you with self-reliance.

Mudra Meditation

Anxiety management is the need of the hour. Young or old, homemakers or career persons, all are experiencing anxiety in some form or another. The waves of anxiety are spreading further and deeper into our social and professional networks, causing distress and confusion within us, that is only leading to further anxiety.

This constant underlying emotional uneasiness causes silent harm to our health --- and there’s no ‘one cure heals all’. For different persons, the root from which the anxiety stems is different, and  to heal, it is important to identify the root specific to you.

The workshop -- ' Anxiety : Let It Not Make You Powerless' -- is designed to help you identify the root of your anxiety, manage the anxiety, and to explain the alternate energy remedies available to you, like Bach Flower Remedies, and meditation practices, and how you can best use these.

***There shall be no recording made of the workshop. This is strictly an in-person workshop.

Venue : South Mumbai (address shall be provided once registration is completed)

Date : Sept. 6th, 3.30pm - 7pm

The energy exchange for the workshop (to be paid into the bank account of Joy For Life) is Rs. 3,750/- only (incl of printed notes, and light snacks and beverages served during the workshop).

To register, fill in the form below.

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