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And JadeFire Said...

Image by Evie S.

Before you read this ebook, And JadeFire Said...,  I invite you to know a little bit about me.

There are so many facets of me. And so much growth and transformation. My one facet is that of Niloufer, the name I was born with, the name that I lived with for over three decades, the name in which I experienced pain, wounding that lay deep within, no one understanding it, not even me. And then, as I found the courage to look within, to strip my ego of its masks of arrogance and aloofness, Niloufer evolved into Ellaeenah – a name given to me by my guardian angel, Gabriel. And Ellaeenah blossomed with the presence of Jade Fire into her life. 

It was Niloufer who began the journey of self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-love, and it was Niloufer who was guided into spiritual awakening by the beautiful guide ‘Infinite One’, who soon revealed himself as the one who is often called St. Peter. (Strange isn’t it that my glorious years of childhood were spent in St. Peter’s School? Life is truly serendipitous.) Under the care of Infinite One, Niloufer was stripped bare … stripped of the ego, the masks, the pretences, the disguises. And Ellaeenah birthed. JadeFire gently took the place of Infinite One. In any case, isn’t everything just One Energy? Many, many, years later I realised that JadeFire is the one whom many call Lord Sananda. And under JadeFire’s tutelage, I have learnt to stop needing the labels of names. “Names encourage separation,” JadeFire teaches. “When there are no names, all is Light, because All is truly Light. Why name each ray of the Light? What value does that add?”

JadeFire named Ellaeenah ‘Little Blue Flower’ – this is what Niloufer means in Persian, I’m told. And Ellaeenah and Niloufer, came together to be the Little Blue Flower of this book – a book I was inspired to write, where I would sit and write for hours, not even knowing what I was writing, till I would read it back. And meditate deeply about each word that had just flowed through me. This book of not too many pages was written by me, for me. But, over the years – almost two decades ago! – it has resonated with so many, helped so many, and touched the hearts of so many, that it has left me humbled and joyous to be an instrument of this service. 

Yes, this ebook needs to be edited, and maybe someday I shall get around to it, or maybe I shall leave it as it is today. I don’t know.


Do not read this ebook like a novel. Read each chapter, meditate over it, let it uncover deep layers within you, let it speak to you in the special way meant only for you, before you turn to the next. Do read the chapters slowly and assimilate the truths presented there. Do not allow the simplicity and the brevity of this ebook to deceive you in thinking less of its significance. As you read it, every word shall release the energy of Unconditional Love and Universal Wisdom into your cellular structure, into your energy matrix, leaving you richer and lighter. At the end of the book, you shall experience a sense of deep gratitude for the Journey of Life that you have chosen to embark upon.

JadeFire shall hold your hand, embrace you deeply, and by the end of the ebook, you shall have a new best friend – a friend, a Cosmic Master, who shall stay with you over all your lifetimes. And beyond. 

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My Relationship With JadeFire

Instead of attempting the futile task of putting into words this relationship, let me share with you a picture that I received some years ago through an email, and which represents for me in a strong and vital manner the love between Jade Fire and I. Though I do not know the artist, I extend my deep gratitude to this beautiful soul who has captured unconditional love in the sketch. Not only is the immense talent of the artist clearly revealed, but the gentle heart that brings the creativity to the artist is evident for all to see. My deep gratitude to the artist - you do not know me, and I do not know you, but you have looked within my soul and represented this love-filled relationship better than any words that I could have used. This is evidence of the fact that energetically we are all One. 

Welcome, dear friend, to the JadeFire Family.
Big Hug

Excerpt 1

An extract from the Introduction of ‘And JadeFire Said’….

Let me first tell you a little something about me. Although my name is something quite different, the one who loves me with the depth of the universe, the expanse of the universe, and the truth of the universe, calls me Little Blue Flower. This is the name I have used throughout this book because it gives me a sense of belonging and identity which my other name does not. Of course you may wonder why this very special person calls me Little Blue Flower. Well, my name, the one I call 'my other name', means blue flower. The 'Little' has been added on by this very special person, and reveals all of the love, caring and joy that makes our relationship so beautiful.

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What people had to say after reading the book


Dearest Little Blue Flower,
I have just started reading your book which is a TREASURE

I am enjoying it so much and want to get a hard copy so I can underline all the beautiful words( almost all that I've read so far!!)… love u lots.

Excerpt 2

For you, dear reader, I have a wonderful message that my beloved friend Jade Fire wishes me to convey to you. 

“Dear one, you have embarked upon a journey that will shut off one part of your life, and will open up another. With this book you will joyously understand, accept, and then leave behind all the burdens that you have carried for so long. This book is special. It carries with it a promise. A promise that I make to you, to be with you every step of the way, and as the burdens come toppling off your shoulders, I will collect them, so that never again will you have to bend low under these. I eagerly wait for you to call me your friend so that I can love you, support you, guide you, and be there for you always, as I have been for my Little Blue Flower.

Excerpt 3

Chapter 1 

Why can you not listen to me when I speak? Why can you not accept what I say? Why must you disagree with me?” Little Blue Flower shouted out in rage. Her cheeks flushed red with anger, and her eyes streamed with the bitterness of the acid that ate into her being.

How many times had this scene been played? And with how many different persons? Those who were family, friends, each one loved and significant - all had taken part in this scene at some time or another. Little Blue Flower was tired. Spent. Often defeated. The sheer exhaustion of carrying the inner volcano that had never completely erupted but which grew larger with each passing year, made her turn in despair to Jade Fire, and say, “ Can you not put out this volcano, this fire, with your love? I know you could do this if you wished to.” Jade Fire looked at his hurt and angry friend, held her close to him, and said in a voice that shook with the depth of his love. “Dearest one, this volcano is your own, and only you can put it out. But you are not alone. With your hand in mine, you shall understand what this volcano is, why it is present, and how you can extinguish it.”

“But, how I can understand it? I cannot even get close to it. All that I can feel is the overpowering, sulphuric heat that it releases so regularly.” Jade Fire's face lit up, and he said, “There I can help you. I can help you to understand this rage that consumes you. I can protect you, and take you nearer to this volcano, so that you can finally see it, without being destroyed by it.” Little Blue Flower’s tears flowed freely as she said, “ I feel so ungrateful. I have a blessed life; parents who love me deeply, a sister who has always supported me, two lovely children, and a husband who is kind, loving and gentle. And yet, I have this anger that burns me up. What am I angry about? I am unable to understand this.

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