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Announcing the much awaited ‘Planets and Deep Awareness of Self’ Workshop – A two-day crash course on who you are, how you think, what you feel, and how the planets facilitate your evolutionary growth. The workshop shall also look very deeply into the current Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn, and the very important information that this brings to you for 2020, and the years to come.


Date: 26th and 27th February, 2020 / Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. / Venue: South Mumbai /
EE: Rs. 10,500 per head all-inclusive (to be paid in advance into the bank account before Feb-10th, 2020)

The In-Depth look at your natal astrological chart (based on western astrology) shall include the following modules:

1. Sun and the Ego
2. Moon and Emotional Baggage
3. Mercury and Self-Expression
4. Venus and Self-Worth
5. Mars and Conflicts
6. Jupiter and Self-Confidence
7. Saturn and Fears
8. Uranus and Creativity
9. Neptune and the Subconscious
10. Pluto and the Inner Darkness
11. Ascendant and Ego Projection
12. Saturn-Pluto Conjunction – Leaving the Past, Welcoming the Present


SMALL BATCH to facilitate personal attention so Register NOW. Registration involves deposit of full (non-refundable) fee into the bank account before Feb 10th) INBOX ME NOW.

Whether it's Happy or not depends upon 'Me'.
I pray we all make it a happy one.
The new year can be happy.
When I let the sadness go
The new year can be peaceful
When anger's no longer my foe
The new year can bring blessings
If I make the place for them
The miracles of the coming year
In my hands do depend.
I shut the door to blame
To illness and to lack
I shut the door to unkindness
To intolerance and slack
No resolutions can help me
If I'm stuck in tired old ways
The happiness of the coming year
Needs changes to be made.
Changes in my thoughts and ways
Changes in my plans
Changes in my judgements
My vision and my tracks
I take up the mantle of divine power
Entrusted upon me
To make the changes in the brand new year
Starting first with ME.
... EllaeenahJF

Orders can be placed only via email at



The Cosmic Journal is an energy reading for the year that is applicable to you, making you aware of the energies that you encounter each month. It tells you how best you can utilize these energies, and the opportunities that they shall bring to you for your growth. The monthly readings are accompanied by appropriate Switchwords that you could chant daily, and links to meditations that are most pertinent for you each month.  All of these shall certainly help you to navigate a more fulfilling path for yourself in 2020.  

Please place your orders, and complete payment formalities, before Dec. 9th., 2019.  Be festive. Be happy. Celebrate yourself!

You don't need to be a healer to be healthy.


This course, starting 1st July, removes the mystery behind chakras, and brings this vital knowledge within the reach and understanding of all. It explains each chakra - wheel of energy - in practical layman's terms: what they are, what they can do for you, and what you should do to keep them healthy and balanced. Simple techniques that use a combination of meditation, energy work, food, colours, angels, switch words, and Bach Flower Remedies can be easily and effortlessly used to unblock, cleanse and balance your Chakras and restore balance to your life.


And all of this, in the ease of your home, and convenience of your time!

As the tide of Life flows in and out,

We look around, we look about

For human connections that touch the heart,

For vital relations that we can start

To nurture and savour –

And even though we may completely differ,

The soul reaches out, one to the other,

For a lifetime, or a moment to remember.

So, connect with me, and let us be ‘friend’

The journey of the soul has no end

We have known each other in a time forgotten

Come, let us remember, what we had begotten.


Let us create anew

A space of harmony

Unity, Oneness and Creativity

If I touch your heart, or your mind or soul,

As ‘parts’ we shall move forward towards the ‘Whole’.

- EllaeenahJF


I came to meet you but what I witnessed was the closest presence of God that I had experienced in my life till that day. I came to you in Stage IV cancer in July 2015. Today, I am absolutely healthy, whole, happy and healed. I can never thank you enough.

— Ravi Malhan

You can never dream about that which you do not have the ability to fulfil. The problem is that we expect others to make our dreams come true. And those shall lie unfulfilled.


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