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The Inner Child and The Adult

Would you be surprised if we told you that most adults are not adults? No, this is not a judgement; it’s a fact. I’m talking of the psychological hold that the inner child has over adulthood. Though you may be convinced that you have thrown out and overcome all the emotional baggage of childhood, sadly that is often not the case. The emotional and mental energies, the pain body, and the belief system are based upon experiences of childhood that we were unable to process, and which created the dark wounds within us. Many spend numerous hours, if not months, trying to heal the inner child. To little avail. External pain continually triggers the inner wounds. The reason is NOT ineffectual healing. The reason is lack of understanding of the wounds. 

No one can heal your wounds for you. Let us repeat that… No one can heal your wounds for you! Till you have understood at a deep, core, level why your wounds are present, why they have not yet been released, how you can fully and completely release them, and how you can start over again on your terms, you shall continue to be caught in stifling patterns of unfulfilling relationships, failures, sickness, scarcities, disappointments, and insecurities.

This Masterclass has been created with you in mind!

This Masterclass is for you! 


This is not a Masterclass that shall heal you! 

Only when there is understanding, can there be healing. If you do not understand who you are, and why you are the way you are, how will you know what to heal? The Inner Child and The Adult is a Masterclass that you need in order to know what to heal within yourself. You can change only what you know you must change!


We, Ellaeenah JadeFire and Sohrab Ardeshir, have coordinated in multiple highly successful masterclasses, and we come together again to bring to you The Inner Child and The Adult, a Masterclass largely patterned upon the direction provided by Cosmic OverLord JadeFire, the Lord Sananda. 


This Masterclass shall be held in person, so that besides the understanding and sharing modules, you can have face-to-face access to Ellaeenah and Sohrab over the two-day period. 


To joyn this two-day masterclass, and avail the early bird discount (available until August 22nd 2022), continue to SCROLL DOWN. 

Image by Caleb Woods

Some key details

Dates: Sept 3rd & 4th  (Saturday, Sunday)

Time:  10.30 am - 6 pm

Venue: Bandra, Mumbai 


Rs. 22,000/- per participant (This includes printed and bound notes, vegetarian lunch, evening tea, beverages, and light snacks, on both days)


Early Bird Discounted Rate:

Rs. 20,000/- per participant (Available only if complete payment is received before 11.30pm on August 22nd, 2022)

This Masterclass is not available online as personal interaction is vital for such a deep process. 

Modules we will cover through the 2-day Masterclass

Module 1


What is the inner child? Why should we connect to it? Why do we need to heal it? 


Co-relationship between the inner child and the grown-up

Self-sabotaging, anxiety, lack of success, fears, anger, relationship issues, self-doubt, self-worth shall be looked into


Patterns of Pain

Aggression, Guilt, Control, Helplessness Loops


Co-relationship between the memories of the inner child, and the physical body. Understanding the pain body and how the body stores all energy.  

To joyn this Masterclass...

...please EMAIL ME and I shall send you the details regarding payment. Pay NOW to avail the early bird discount.

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