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Reprogramming & Rebirthing Program

Cosmic OverLord JadeFire has been, over the past few weeks, working upon my energies and simultaneously teaching me how to conduct a six-part Reprogramming & Rebirthing Program. The RR PROGRAM is an energy program, and I have been taught by JadeFire to energetically ‘look’ at deep levels of the matrix to understand the internal programs of a person, and thus reprogram the emotional, spiritual and physical health through this lens. Many, many of us are completely ready to be reprogrammed for the Fifth Dimension, and rebirthed; to be opened so that the spiritual lotuses within us are given the right inner environment to flower.


The RR PROGRAM consists of three distinct parts, each part consisting of two sessions each. The parts are Disruption, Reprogramming and Rebirthing. (Those who have completed the Crystalline Consciousness Activation Program require only three sessions… one session of Reprogramming, and two sessions of Rebirthing.)

My cosmic master, JadeFire, has made me understand that there are natural healing chambers within our energy system, but these either work inefficiently or do not work at all due to the deeply held traumas, emotional and mental roadblocks, yin-yang imbalances, and stuck energy patterns. It is erroneous to believe that these exist in our energy system from, and for, one lifetime only. In fact, they become part of the Karmic Code that we are born with, and which we carry through lifetimes till we can clear them. Self-responsibility, and personal effort & endeavour are of prime importance, and must not be overlooked, but due to the fact that we have come almost to the end of one earth karma cycle, and are so close to the beginning of a new cycle (2024/25), the Universal energies are aiding and supporting us via the RR PROGRAM.


The 3 stages of this program release what isn’t working for us, reprogram the old energy constructs, and open us to higher levels of personal potential, by using sacred geometric codes of healing that JadeFire had introduced to us a few years ago, and which many of you are already using, vibrational sound frequencies, and colour, light and energy emissions that I have been recently initiated into by JadeFire.

Session Formats: 
Virtual One-on-One or Distance 

To allow the largest number to benefit from this incredibly powerful program, the RR sessions will be conducted in two formats. 

The first is via six half an hour one-on-one sessions over WhatsApp Video or Zoom, at scheduled times that are convenient to you and I.


The second format follows a process of six distance group sessions of half an hour each. For these sessions your personal presence is not required. The group distance sessions shall take place on six Saturdays from 11.30 am IST onwards.

You may choose either format knowing that the energy impact of both formats remains exactly the same.

The 6 sessions are completed in about 6 - 8 weeks, and the total energy exchange for all six sessions (to be paid in full at the beginning of the program) is Rs. 25000/- (USD 500/-) per person, for the virtual personal sessions, and Rs.11,000/- (USD 225/-)per person for the distance sessions.


Those who have completed the Crystalline Consciousness Activation require only three sessions, and thus pay only Rs. 5,500/- (USD 111/-), as you shall have these sessions ONLY as distance sessions on Sundays from 11.30 am to 12 noon).

To joyn this event...

...please fill in the form given below, and I shall send you the details regarding payment. 

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