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9 Sacred Chakric
Codes Healing Method

The Nine Sacred Codes Healing Method is an all new healing modality that has been channeled by me through my Cosmic Master, Jade Fire. This method explains that each chakra has nine layers, each layer emitting a distinctive energy. Besides that, each layer runs through all the chakras.


Energy of these layers influences how we feel, think and interact, with others and with our self.


Energy blocks result in malfunctioning organs, or the onset of dis-ease. Vibrational pulsing of layers + vibrational strength of chakras + strength of organs = vibrational frequency of the person.

A healthy Chakric system is one where all nine layers are carrying uninterrupted positive messages from the inner environment to the outer world and vice versa.

This healing method being layer-centric, and not chakra-centric, is based upon a unique Sacred Geometric Code for each layer. These codes are not interchangeable as the Sacred Geometry is meant to specifically enhance the positive messages and neutralise the negative messages of that layer.


The Sacred Geometric Codes are to be drawn mentally while the layer relevant to the Code is being healed. The ‘drawing’ releases the power and strength of the code.

This workshop teaches the details of the nine layers of each chakra, and the Sacred Codes. Besides these Nine Codes, the Advanced Level of the Healing Method teaches a Master Code, a Sacred Geometric Code for healing animals, and a Sacred Geometric Code for healing spaces. 

The learning of this pathbreaking healing method is available, both, as a personal workshop to interested groups, as well as a distance learning program. 

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