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Relationships – The Giving & Receiving of Love & Respect

 MasterClass by Ellaeenah JadeFire and Jogita Jagwani

The deep relationship between emotional self-expression and Venus has often not been explored as entirely as it should be.  Venus, being linked to emotions and our ability to express and receive love, is one of the important features of our natal charts. It determines our capacity for empathy, need for emotional connection, approach to emotional intimacy, and ability to maintain harmonious relationships.


The degree of success in a relationship begins with the depth and authencity of self-love. Venus plays a very significant role in the realm of self-love and self-care, explaining to us why cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves might be challenging for us.

The mini workshop shall look into all these aspects :    



  • Why we face the problems we face in relationships  

  • Hurdles to Self-Love

  • What we can do to make our relationships thrive

  • What we can do to make our partners feel cherished and loved

  • Why are our relationships fail

  • The higher purpose that your soul desires, that Venus urges you to pay attention to

  • The main Bach flower remedy to promote self-love

  • The main Bach Flower remedy for each zodiac placement of Venus

  • Other energy tools that help us and our relationships to grow

JOYN Jogita Jagwani and I on ZOOM on Sunday 21st May 3pm to 5pm IST for a Mini Workshop ‘Relationships – The Giving and Receiving of Love and Respect’.


We shall discuss the hurdles and strengths of Venus’ position in our natal charts (soul charts), and how we can use energy tools, including Bach Flower Remedies, to stop being obstacles in our own paths to happy relationships. You shall require a basic knowledge of the placement of Venus in your natal (soul chart) e.g. Venus is in Cancer. If you do not have a 

natal chart, you can visit websites like that help you to create your natal charts in a very simple manner. If there is any confusion, please email me.


If you cannot attend the ZOOM session, you can still participate!!! Yes, you can, by registering, depositing the EE, and receiving the complete recording of the Mini Workshop. 


The EE for the mini workshop is just INR 1300/- or USD 30/- (for those paying via PayPal or options other than banks In India).

It is your right to be happy in all your relationships.

Claim this right. JOYN us on Sunday 21st May by filling in the form below. 

Payment has to be made to JOY FOR LIFE.

For any queries please email

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