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Tapping Into Your Lifepower

 MasterClass by Ellaeenah JadeFire and Jogita Jagwani

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Exploring the harmony of your Soul Journey, and its symphony with Bach Flower Remedies

Before you begin reading the details of the MasterClass, it might interest you to watch this interesting video of Ellaeenah and Jogita being interviewed about the MasterClass. In this video, the details of what this MasterClass is about, and how and why it has come about at this time is explained simply but completely.. Click here for the video.


"Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for you will find the further your researches advance, the greater you will find the simplicity of all Creation."---Dr. Edward Bach


Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) provide an invaluable support when working with your astrological charts that serve as your Soul Blueprint. The blueprint gives us deep insight that allows us to understand our personal developmental cycles through the natal chart and the transits.


Knowledge of these cycles can direct us towards the appropriate energies of the flower remedies so that we can use them to positively enhance ourselves, and be open to further opportunities for self-awareness and understanding. For example, if you notice that you are going through a period of development of your intuitive ability, the understanding of the Soul Blueprint and the help given to you by BFR can support inner listening, and deepen the meditative state. Or if you are undergoing a deeply challenging Saturn transit, the blueprint and the BFR can bring you the understanding of the opportunity for growth through this period, and support you as you move from one phase of life to another.

This Masterclass has been designed to help you understand the synergy between Soul-based astrology and Bach Flower Remedies. It shall explain the steps to Soul Blueprint based healing using Bach Remedies, by drawing your attention to the significance of the Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendant sign, Chiron, and Saturn in your life. You shall understand karmic contracts, soul contracts, incarnational wounds, and soul lessons, and how Bach Flower Remedies can  set you firmly upon the path of your soul journey by infusing you with the positive energies that you require for this. 

You do not necessarily need to have your Soul Blueprint. Knowledge of your time, place and date of birth is enough, and these can be emailed to Ellaeenah JadeFire once the registration process has been completed. You shall receive a brief summation (at no extra cost) to give you all the information required by you for the MasterClass. If you wish to get a full-length Soul Blueprint made for you please click here to read the details.

You need to have no prior knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies to be a part of this Masterclass, but if you are already a healer, light worker, or a BFR practitioner, the knowledge of Soul Blueprint based healing shall expand your ability to help your clients. And of course yourself. 

Structure of the MasterClass: The MasterClass has been designed as an online class, over Zoom. This helps you to attend the class in the sacred space of your choosing, without the botheration of travel and transportation. It has been structured as three distinct modules, each module one week apart from the next. This gives you the time to assimilate the notes and the learning of the module, go through the recorded module again, understand your soul journey, begin the use of Bach Flower Remedies should you choose to, and encourage the positive transformation in yourself. You shall receive the notes, via email, for each module, a day before the modules is scheduled to take place. 

Module 1 : Friday, 28th April

Module 2: Saturday, 6th May

Module 3: Saturday, 13th May

All modules shall begin at 3 pm IST and end around 6 pm IST

Register for the MasterClass NOW, and avail of the Early Bird Discount of Rs.1000/- OR 11 USD for ZOOM participants and Rs.400/- OR 05 USD for participants availing of only the notes.   

Early Bird Discount is available only if full payment is received before 2300 hours 23 April, ’23.

Early Bird Discount

The Energy Exchange of the masterclass is Rs. 12551/- OR 165/- USD per participant. If you are unable to joyn the Masterclass over ZOOM, but would like to receive the complete set of explanatory notes of the three modules that you can follow and apply on your own, that can be made available to you at an EE of INR 8551/- or USD 120/- per participant. (Please note that the recorded modules shall be sent ONLY to those who attend the ZOOM classes.)

Payment has to be made to JOY FOR LIFE.

For any queries please email

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