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Authoring Your Best Life: 
Shaping Positive Narratives of the Real You

A Workshop by EllaeenahJF

Image by Annie Spratt

You loved ‘Liberation From Inner Scarcities’, and here is the workshop that you were promised then. Welcome to "Authoring Your Best Life: Shaping Positive Narratives of the Real You", a workshop that takes you on an empowering and transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Discover the incredible power you possess to rewrite your narrative, creating a life that aligns with your true essence. 


Like an author crafts a compelling story, you have the power to shape the narrative of your life, becoming the author of your own life story. John Assaraf, one of the leading mindset and behavioural experts, says “The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. They shape who we believe we are, and this belief translates into who we become.” 


The stories we tell ourselves, in our minds, in our subconscious, often develop in our early years, and they continue to shape our beliefs, behaviours, and responses to the world around us, even as adults. These stories are formed through our experiences, conditioning, traumas, and stimuli, and when these are negative, they hold us back, limiting our potential, and preventing us from living authentically and fully.


The two-part experiential workshop (71/2 hours divided into 8 recorded videos) is designed to guide participants through the often difficult process of identifying and exploring these stories, and ultimately authoring new narratives that align with what we desire out of life.

The objectives of this workshop are

Awareness and Identification:

The first step in authoring your best life is gaining a deep understanding of yourself. Through guided exercises and introspective understandings, you are encouraged to go through this process, whilst uncovering the root causes. 

Challenging Negative Narratives: Every author faces plot twists and obstacles, and life is no different. Techniques to challenge negative inner stories and replace them with positive and empowering ones shall be shared with the participants in a simple, uncomplicated manner, thus reframing their mindset towards growth and resilience. 

Cultivating Self-Compassion and

Self-Appreciation: Authoring your stories requires compassion for oneself. And acknowledging all your achievements. Participants shall be taken through the practice of self-compassion and self-forgiveness, so that they might foster a kinder and more accepting relationship with themselves.

Integrating Positive Change:

Merely recognizing and rewriting inner narratives is not enough; strategies to integrate these positive changes into daily life shall be shared with the participants. 

Meditative and Introspective Exercises: The workshop shall incorporate guided exercises to manifest their goals and aspirations.

Join me in the two-part Workshop "Authoring Your Best Life: Shaping Positive Narratives of the Real You", and unlock your full potential as the author of your life story. You shall receive the recorded videos of the entire workshop.

Embrace with confidence, imagination, and purpose, the pen given to you by your soul and start writing the extraordinary tale you were destined to live. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey towards self-fulfilment and personal greatness.


Though it is not necessary to have attended the ‘Liberation From Inner Scarcities’ Workshop, in order to attend this one, if you  do wish to receive the recording of 'Liberation From Inner Scarcities’ that has already helped so many, you can click here for the details, and participate even now.

Energy Investment: Rs. 16,500/- if energy investment is paid through a bank in India. If energy investment is not being paid through a bank in India, then it can be paid via Paypal and the fee shall be USD 225/-


Thanks for submitting! Please send me the payment details on & +91 98201 34778

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