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  • A Complete Course in Returning to Consciousness, Resolution, and Reclaiming Your Power

    A 3 Hour Consciousness Course in Ho'oponopono and Huna, PLUS A 2 Hour Course in Reconciliation and Forgiveness

    Rs. 6500/-  (USD 97 for foreign remittances)

  • Angels, & Their Help in our Lives

    A 2-hour session - Rs.1500/- (USD 30 for foreign remittances)

  • Holistic Bundle Package

    2-hour sessions each

    Fulfilling Communications & Interactions 

    Dealing With Fears & Anxieties 

    From Loneliness to Happiness 

    Inner Trauma & Its Release

    The Anger Within & Around me

    Bringing Abundance & Miracle Flow in your Life

    Self-healing & Self-Healing methods


    Total cost Rs. 6000/- (USD 95 for foreign remittances)

    Individual sessions are also available at Rs. 1000/- each (USD 17 for foreign remittances)

  • Emotions, Thoughts, Beliefs, and Health 

    Three Classes of 2 Hours Each - 

    Emotions & Good Health

    Your Mind Matters

    Owning & Managing Painful Emotions  

     Rs. 3500/- for the combined course of all three (USD 60 for foreign remittances)

  • Understanding the Truth About Karma

    A 2 Hour Session - Rs. 1000/-  (USD 17 for foreign remittances)

  • Crystals, And Their Universal Healing Powers

    2 sessions of 2 hours each, plus notes emailed to participants - Rs. 4000/-  (USD 67 for foreign remittances)

  • Understanding Your Akashic Records Through the Study of Your Natal Chart

    A course of six sessions of 2 hours each - Rs. 10,500/- for the total course (USD 150 for foreign remittances)

  • Eating the Foods that you Align With

    A 2-hour session - Rs. 700/- (USD 14 for foreign remittances)

  • Cutting Cords - Meaning and Importance

    A 2-hour session - Rs. 1000/- (USD 17 for foreign remittances)

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