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Freedom from Energy Cords

Taking charge to create incredibly powerful changes in your life.

learn all about

What cording is

How we can give and receive cords


Freeing yourself from energy cords

This morning I received a forward from a wonderful person that read, 'It was a life lesson, not a life sentence'. I got to thinking about this, and how without our awareness, we are constantly receiving and giving out energy cords, thus keeping ourselves and others trapped and bound to the past. I also know that it is extremely important to free ourselves from energy cords before the birth of 2022. Thus this workshop, 'Freedom From Energy Cords'.

This workshop will focus on the completely new information about Cording and Decording I just received from my divine master, JadeFire. And, I KNOW that these two hours shall help you to change your life in a manner that is incredible.

i want to know more!

Rs.500 or USD 15


Sunday, 21st November 2021

5.30 - 7.30pm IST   |  On Zoom

To join, email me immediately on with the following details:

- Payment method: Bank Transfer or PayPal

- Preferred currency: INR or USD

Once I receive your email, I shall send you the transfer details. If you'd like to gift this workshop to a dearest one, you could email me the total number of attendees - They shall never receive a better gift! 

Liberation is around the corner!

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