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Comforting Hands

You Are Not Alone: A Coping Masterclass
With EllaeenahJF & Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

A 6-Hour Coping Masterclass


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha and EllaeenahJF come together to discuss coping mechanisms to help children, adults and senior matured adults and delve into health at 3 levels - the physical, emotional, and mental fields.

  19th & 20th June: 4pm - 7pm   

The pandemic has not been easy for anyone. In different ways, stress and tension of a kind that we are not used to, has entered our home. The physical after effects of Covid are to be battled against, as do the losses that seem too big to comprehend. Combine that with jobs lost, escalation of work pressures, deep decline in income and livelihood, conflicts in relationships, depression and anxiety, and you have the recipe for impending collapse of the inner and outer system.

Ruzbeh and Ellaeenah, two teachers widely recognised for their spiritual mentorship,  come together in a not-to-be-missed six-hour MasterClass that is guided by Sai Baba and Cosmic OverLord JadeFire. These Divine Masters have inspired this MasterClass, in order to aid people go through the times of transition into the New World. The MasterClass shall discuss, in detail, coping mechanisms, both practical and energy-directed, to help children, adults and senior matured adults. We shall delve into health at three levels.... the physical field, the emotional field, and the mental field.

The first three hours of the workshop focus upon awareness, and deep understanding of the present and the future times. The next three hours focus entirely on the practical and energy tools available to us to help ourselves and others.

   Meet your facilitators for this Masterclass.   

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-05 at 1.50.55 PM.


Spiritual Empowerment Guide & Mentor

Spiritual Teacher and Counsellor


Emotional Health Facilitator & Intuitive Energy Reader

Writer & Speaker

Bach Flower Therapist

Certified Hooponopono Practicitioner

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

One of the most influential spiritual writers of our times, Ruzbeh N. Bharucha is the author of twenty published books, including the bestselling The Fakir quadrilogy, Rabda, ICE With Very Unusual Spirits and many more. His books are translated in various languages.

Ruzbeh is also a documentary filmmaker, a journalist, a public speaker and conducts numerous workshops on spirituality and self-growth nationally and internationally.


This Masterclass will take place on Zoom.

You may attend these in real time, or request to be sent a link to the recording of the Masterclass, if you are unable to attend. 


Payment via Indian banks or PayPal required to complete the registration process. 

Energy Investment for this 2-Day Masterclass: INR 11,111 or USD 195

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