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Liberating Yourself from Inner Scarcities: Embrace Abundance Within

Join me for this truly Transformative Webinar

Together, we shall explore the different kinds of inner scarcities, how they hinder us, and how we can address each one of these in order to liberate ourselves.

Many misunderstand scarcity as being the lack of financial resources. The truth is that scarcity is way deeper than this. Life's journey often leaves us with emotional scars that result in inner scarcities, limiting our true potential for happiness and success. This empowering workshop aims to help you break free from those limitations so that we can embrace a life of abundance, self-love, and fulfilment.


Inner scarcities (like emotional scarcity, material scarcity, empowerment scarcity, recognition scarcity, validation scarcity) are detrimental because they create limiting beliefs, impair self-esteem, give rise to fear of rejection and abandonment, pose difficulties in forming healthy relationships, create negative coping mechanisms like binge eating, make us self-critical and critical of others, stop us from setting healthy boundaries, and (here’s the shocker!) actually turn away from the abundance that our soul brings to us in a continual stream.

Image by Amy Shamblen

In this workshop, we shall delve into

Types of inner scarcities and how they hinder our lives

Interconnectedness between inner scarcities and generational deficiencies


Inner Scarcities and Unhealthy Relationships


Inner Scarcities and Lack of Educational and Career Success


Inner scarcities and build-up of anxiety


Inner scarcities and the games we play


How do inner scarcities hinder spiritual growth?


Liberation from inner scarcities

Participation Fee Per Head :

INR 7,500/- (if paid through a bank or payment portal in India)

Or USD 105/- (if paid via bank or payment portal outside of India or Paypal)


Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to embark on a transformative path towards healing your inner scarcities and unlocking your true potential.

Message me to receive the recorded video of the workshop. 

If you wish to deepen your process of self-understanding, awareness, and self-empowerment, you can click below to receive the recorded videos of 'Authoring Your Life - Shaping Positive Narratives of the Real You'  

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