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Cosmic Journals 2020

It’s 2020, and TEN years since I was guided by Cosmic OverLord JadeFire to create individualised Cosmic Journals. And to you, my very dear friends, come my heartfelt gratitude for making my soul journey so enriching. This year to celebrate 2020 (The Year of Cosmic Beginnings) and 10 years of Cosmic Journal Preparation, the Cosmic Journals come with a FREE ‘Daily Inspiration Booklet’ that guides you through the 366 days (yes, it’s a leap year as well!) so that you can make the most use of the cosmic energies of 2020 to shift into a higher gear, and take firm control of the wheel of your soul vehicle of evolution.
The Cosmic Journal is an energy reading for the year that is applicable to you, making you aware of the energies that you encounter each month. It tells you how best you can utilize these energies, and the opportunities that they shall bring to you for your growth. The monthly readings are accompanied by appropriate Switchwords that you could chant daily, and links to meditations that are most pertinent for you each month.  All of these shall certainly help you to navigate a more fulfilling path for yourself in 2020.  
This month-by-month awareness of energies, helps you to get the best out of each month, and steers you away from old patterns that serve you no longer.  The Journal prepares you for what it is to come, helps you understand the experiences you are facing in that month, and, thus, gently steers you away from emotional reactivity, towards soul responsiveness. The Cosmic Journal is prepared by an intuitive scan of your energy matrix, following a method taught to me by Cosmic Overlord Jade Fire (Lord Sananda). Distance is irrelevant, and plays no role in this preparation.
It is important for you to know that the Journal is NOT a predictive tool, and does not foretell events. It is, rather, a tool of self-awareness and self-empowerment, so that you are proactive in bringing life transformations that you seek.
Formats of the Journals
The journals are available in two formats:

(i) printed journals

(ii) PDF files that come to you via Email

(Cosmic Journals are available only in PDF file format for those living outside of India.) The printed copies can be collected from Ellaeenah Spiritual Centre, Mumbai. You shall be informed when your journal is ready, but you can expect them any time after 18th Dec., 2019. The printed journals can also be couriered to you, but courier charges shall apply, which please note.
PDF Format Cosmic Journals shall receive PDF format Daily Inspiration Booklet, and Printed
Format Cosmic Journals shall receive printed Daily Inspiration Booklet.
How to Order
Orders can be placed only via email at 

While ordering the journal for yourself, or as gifts for your family and friends, please write the name as you would like it to appear on the journal, and your mobile number. As a support tool, I sometimes refer to the date of birth too, so please supply the date of birth while placing your order. While placing your order, please state clearly whether you would like the digital journal or the printed journal. (Please note that if you should wish for both forms of the journals you shall have to pay the full charge of the printed journal plus half the charge of the digital journal.)
If the Journal is a gift, please supply the email address you would like the journal to be emailed to (if it is a digital version), or the clear and correct address you would like it to be couriered to, as well as the mobile number, (if it is a printed copy). The journals will be couriered only within India. Courier charges apply. If there is any personal message from you that you would like included in the gift journal, please write that clearly while placing your order.
Please Note: The work on the journals shall start only after the energy exchange for the same has been received in full. Payment is to be made directly into the bank account of Ellaeenah Spiritual Centre, and a picture of the deposit slip, stamped by the bank, is to be sent to me on WhatsApp (9820134778) or email, so that I am able to easily identify who has made the payment.
Energy Exchange per Journal 
Rs. 3750/- for the printed journal. (Additional courier charges applicable (where necessary) Rs. 100/- per journal)
Rs. 3350/- for the journal in PDF format (delivered to you via email).

Foreign remittances are charged differently. Please email me if you wish to know about this. 
Please place your orders, and complete payment formalities, before Dec. 9th., 2019.
Be festive. Be happy. Celebrate yourself!

Rs. 3750/- for the printed journal. (Additional courier charges applicable (where necessary) Rs. 100/- per journal) -- Rs. 3350/- for the journal in PDF format (delivered to you via email).

Inspiration From Light

This is a journal that comes to you with 365 messages, to inspire you each day. These short messages from Light shall make you think, introspect, and transform yourself so that each day is a rich and powerful experience. Each message is followed by an empty space. This space serves two purposes. It symbolises the empty space within that you can fill with stillness, so that the words of inspiration shall take on special meaning and understanding for you. It also serves as a space where you can pen down your thoughts and feelings of the day as you use this as your daily journal.  

For Indian residents: Rs. 3,000 (plus courier charges)

Annual Cosmic Guidance Journal

A 12-month, month-by-month, guidance journal, based upon the energies of that month for you personally. This journal is based upon the precept that knowledge is strength. When you know what the energies of the month are, and what they require of you, you shall live your life according to this guidance, thus minimising the conflcit, and enhancing the joy. For this, I need your full name, and your date of birth. The journal is available as a printed copy, or as an emailed copy. The price for the journal shall vary accordingly. Though a large number order this journal from January to December, there are a few who start in the middle of the year, and start the 12 month period of guidance from the time of their order. Looking forward to your email. 


Bach To A Healthy Life - By Ellaeenah & Jogita

"Bach To A Healthy Life", co-authored by Ellaeenah & Jogita, is an easy-to-use, user-friendly Bach Flower Remedies ready reckoner, which can be carried with you daily, and used to heal yourself and others. The book also contains guidance to remedy mixes that can help you with common symptoms like common cold, fever, and so on. Each remedy comes with an affirmation that enhances the power of the remedy. 

For Indian residents: Rs. 600 (plus courier charges)

Soul Chart Report

This is a written report based upon the Soul Chart that is emailed to those who are interested in knowing about the journey that their soul has been on, and shall continue to be on. It focuses upon past patterns that hinder the soul’s evolution, the soul purpose for the current lifetime, the larger cosmic mission that beckons the soul like a constant beacon, the strengths of the person, as well as the areas where growth is needed, life lessons, areas where transformation is most needed, karmic chains that need to be broken, health areas that need attention, emotional burdens of the past that are still unresolved, and the way to resolve these. 

To order, please send full name, time of birth, place of birth, and date of birth accurately as these form the foundation upon which the report is created. Deposit of energy exchange into the bank account prior to the preparation, is essential. Bank details shall be emailed to you once the order is received. 

For Indian residents: Rs. 8,500

And Jadefire Said...

A channelled Ebook, that enlightens the mind while it embraces you in its Unconditional Love. The book in very simple and easy words answers all the queries about life, relationships, and spirituality.

For Indian residents: Rs. 600

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