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Shift from Chaos to Harmony : Harnessing the Power of Cosmic Ray 4

An online Masterclass that has been entirely created and structured to help teach us how to use this ray consciously to heal conflict and manifest a reality of harmony.

Image by Elliot Mann

Make the shift

The Divine Plan works through our human consciousness through Seven Cosmic Rays that carry into the Earth Realm attributes and aspects of Divine Energy. This divine energy is transmuted into human energy and manifests through our personal consciousness. Thus power, love, wisdom, harmony, devotion, etc is spread through our world.

One of the most important rays for our Earth is Ray 4. This is a unique ray, indeed. On Earth, it manifests as The Ray of Harmony Through Conflict but its divine essence is Divine Order, Music, And Art! Thus, within each of us lies the equally strong potential for, both, conflict and harmony and order. Which one do we choose? How can we ensure that we constantly choose Divine Order rather than experience conflict?

Recently, I sat with my Cosmic Master, JadeFire to ask him to explain to me nuances and depths of the Ray 4 that we have not understood. Through these conversations comes this most vital Cosmic Class about Ray 4. To experience peace, harmony, order and perfection, as a human race we must consciously choose the divine essence of Ray 4. But the hurdle that stands in our way is that on Earth this ray manifests as Harmony Through Chaos!

This Cosmic Class has been entirely created and structured by JadeFire to help us not only understand this most vital Ray better, but to teach us how to use this ray consciously to heal conflict and manifest the reality of harmony.

This Cosmic Class was held December 2022 , and the complete recording is now available for all who wish to be a part of this vital masterclass.

The energy exchange for this Cosmic Class is Rs. 4000/- per participant (USD 60 if paid via PayPal or through banks and portals outside of India) 

If you do not have a knowledge of your Cosmic Ray Structure but would like to a part of the Class, you can send me the time, place, and date of your birth and I shall send you the Ray Structure after the registration process has been completed. 

You can hear a two-hour talk that explains briefly all the Cosmic Rays HERE

You can email me at

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