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Psychic & Mediumistic Development Masterclass

  • What is psychic and mediumistic development? How are they different?

  • Maintaining a Personal/Spiritual Development Journal

  • How to clear the energy field to ready yourself for psychic/mediumistic work

  • The close linkage between spiritual development and personal development

  • Importance of the 8th chakra, and how to activate it

  • Going beyond the human brain

  • How to blend energies with another in order to receive psychic information

  • How to read energy/soul/akashic records

  • How to use breathe to remain in power throughout the duration of a reading session

  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience

  • Different kinds of mediumistic work

  • How to conduct a mediumistic session

What you will learn

A Ten-Lesson Course created for you based upon over 20 years of personal experience.

This is a recorded course. You shall receive a link to a recorded class every week, for ten weeks, so that you can learn and practise in your sacred space, at a time most convenient to you. The lessons are best absorbed by repeated listening, and the links that come to you, remain with you so that you can hear the lesson as often as you wish, making your own notes, and maintaining your development journal, that records your continual progress. Personal integrity is vital so that you honour this divine opportunity by not sharing any of the links with anyone. Lack of personal integrity is a huge hurdle in the path of spiritual development.  You can share my email with anyone who wishes to take advantage of this spirit-directed opportunity.

Psychic work is not a privilege of the few; it is the natural ability of all. The reason why all are unable to access this universal, inbuilt ability, is because there is lack of clearance of meridians, inadequate activation of the 8th chakra, and the interference of the brain and its conditioned pattern of working. This course is pointedly focused towards the intention of removing all hurdles in your path, so that you can access the inborn ability that helps you to help yourself and others.

  • A keen desire for personal and spiritual development

  • Intention of service 

  • Perseverance 

  • An open mind

  • Integrity 

What are the requirements

I want to register immediately!

And of course you shall! Email me on to register. Yes, it is as simple as that!

What is the Energy Investment towards this vital personal development?

Choose the plan that is easiest for you.

Plan 1.

Full and  final one-time payment to be made before you receive Lesson 1

Rs. 18,000/- or USD 235/-


This plan entitles you to receive a FREE GIFT - Living The Goddess Principle, that helps you to tap into your creative, intuitive powers. 

Plan 2.

Instalment Plans available

1st Instalment to be paid before you receive Lesson 1:

Rs. 9000/- or USD 100/-

2nd Instalment to be paid before you receive Lesson 4:

Rs. 6000/- or USD 80/-

3rd Instalment to be paid before you receive Lesson 8:

Rs. 3000/- or USD 55/-

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