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Altered States of Aliveness & Realisation

A step-by-step 10-week practical approach to higher living

I do believe that the past few months have been unlike any other period that we have lived through. Our growth, our maturity, and our sense of awakening, have expanded, and deepened, in a way I could not have imagined to be possible in such a short time.

To continue this metamorphosis, and to take us into 2021 in a significantly altered state, here is a 10 Week Two-Pronged Program that no one can afford to miss. With modules specifically guided by Cosmic OverLord JadeFire, the program includes a two hour workshop (via Zoom) on Sunday, 7th Nov. from 4pm to 6pm.IST, where you shall receive insights and information that is most essential for you to live your daily life without repeatedly resorting to any of the past patterns of self-doubt, dependence, insecurity, anxiety, self-sabotage, ill-health, and dysfunctional relationships. Instead, you are propelled towards living your current life by making decisive choices, and knowing how to live as per those choices. For this purpose, the workshop shall be followed by a ten-week guided course of simple, practical, and easy-to-practice exercises inspired by JadeFire. If you are unable to attend the Zoom session personally, you shall be sent the complete live recording of the same. 

To receive all of this Universal Magnitude, you have to invest an energy exchange of only Rs. 12,500/- (If you wish to avail of a 'Bright Light' Diwali discount of Rs. 2,500/- you need to complete registration by Nov. 3rd, at the latest (so that you pay only Rs. 10,000/-). For foreign remittances the energy investment is USD 250. (To avail the 'Bright Light' discount, you pay only USD 210 on or before Nov.3rd)

Each week you shall receive a a recorded and guided exercise that shall help you to
eliminate the habit of violence from your consciousness

  • Identify on a deep level with others

  • Discover, and follow, the agenda of your soul

  • Be grateful for the living 'angels' and 'soul-mates' in your lives

  • Alter your consciousness

  • Use Cosmic Rays for Healing and Manifestation

  • Easily access deep levels of your consciousness like alpha and theta levels 

  • Learning how to use the power of these altered states to empower reality creation

The first of these exercises you shall receive on Nov. 7th, after the two hour workshop, and then you shall receive one inspired exercise for the next nine Sundays, that shall end on Jan. 9th, 2021. 

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