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A Global MasterClass -An Inner Journey to Expanded 


Empower. Transform. Awaken.

Here is Heal Yourself, a 6-Week inner journey facilitated by EllaeenahJF and Priya (Awaken Ananda). This global MasterClass is a portal to find your way home to yourself. 


Imagine what it would be like to: 

  • Ease all the stuff that's holding your back

  • To step forward into the world with a sense of contentment and joy, filled with abundance and faith in yourself

  • To be crystal clear about your purpose, relationships, and vocation

  • To be in control of your choices

  • To embody your divinity

You are the ONLY ONE who can say Enough Is Enough!

And choose to change your reality. 


Starting on Nov. 7th, for 6 consecutive Saturdays, each class of two hours shall include a deep talk about the theme for the week, contemplation exercises, and a question-answer session. 

Indian participants can write to me for bank details, and our friends across the globe can write to me for Priya's email for details of deposit. For more details about the course, the facilitators, the dates and timings, and your energy investment, please email me on

This 6-week course, starting Nov. 7th, takes you on a journey to heal yourself


Meeting life

When inner and outer worlds appear to be falling apart, it can be scary to step into your power rather than resort to your 'control'.


We will dive into:

  • The Power of Self- Authority 

  • The Power of Self- Esteem

  • How the willingness to “meet life in the unknown” is a relaxation of the clenched fist of ego

  • Trusting the openness that holds it all and “be right where you are.”

OUTCOME: New resilience and calm in the face of your life.


Transcending the old stories

It's time to write your story from now forward, and stop using the patterns of the past as your present limitations.

We will develop:

  • Authentic self-love and trust in relationships

  • Master your unconscious mind 

  • Understand the real role of the ego and the development of the inner child

  • Heart intelligence - AKA "the real brain"

  • Healthy relationships with spouse/partner/family and children

 OUTCOME: Put down your weapons of war and embrace self-acceptance


Finding the gold

Everything you experience is a doorway, a lesson, an opportunity.

We will explore: 

  • How every energy — welcome or unwelcome —yearns to teach you.

  • The power of connections and how to practice this in all your everyday interactions.

  • Unlearning Karma as well as the roles you are "trained" to play (archetypes)

  • The emotional guidance system and how does it serve you?

OUTCOME: Finding the golden thread in every experience.


Far from alone

Who am I really? This is a big moment. This is a moment when intentions are set and you’re propelled on the journey of a lifetime.

We will discover:

  • What is energy, and how does it work?

  • What does it mean to be multi-dimensional?

  • How to be truly present

  • How you become the Architect of your Past, Present, and Future

  • Guides and angels, and how to communicate with them

OUTCOME: Awareness of the bigger picture and your purpose


Finding the gold 

Who is actually suffering? 

We will investigate:

  • What is the Shadow and its message 

  • Past lives, pain body & ancestral pain

  • Dismantle self-sabotage and the secondary gain of victimhood

  • Learn strategies for 100% self-responsibility 

OUTCOME: Feel in control of your choices and embody freedom


Empowering my Soul 

"What is the role I am playing in the Earth’s evolution?" When you realize your essential nature as multi-dimensional, then the infinite universe becomes available to you.


We will explore:

  • The God-Goddess Self - Balance the divine feminine and masculine, and why its important

  • "The Great Shift" and why it matters

  • How to embrace surrender - the ultimate superpower

  • How to communicate with your soul


OUTCOME: New confidence and ease with manifesting on demand

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