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The Schumann Resonance and Its Tremendous Significance

---Ellaeenah JadeFire

(This blog, though written in my words, is significantly based upon the Metatron channeling of December 2023 that is available on my YouTube Channel Ellaeenah JadeFire. The link to this has been provided at the end of the blog. Parts of the blog also came as downloads as I was writing.)  

Before we dive into the Schumann Resonance, it is important to understand the concepts of the magnetic field of the earth and the crystalline matrix of the earth. They are distinct from each other, but they complement and strengthen each other. The earth’s magnetic field overlaps with the crystalline matrix. The magnetic field prevents many of the charged particles that are part of the sun’s radiation from reaching the earth’s surface, thus protecting life forms. The magnetic field is three dimensional and goes way beyond the planet into space, surrounding the planet completely. The magnetic field thus extends way beyond the earth’s atmosphere.


The crystalline matrix is the energy counterpart of the magnetic field of the earth. The grid is influenced by the magnetic field and the field is influenced by the grid. As and when the new matrix of the earth takes predominance over the old grid (that it is already very slowly replacing), it shall change the three-dimensional magnetic field into a five-dimensional magnetic field. Thus, the onset of the five-dimensional reality shall not only be an ‘spiritual’ one, but a reality that shall find scientific acceptance as well.


In today’s world, the grid is more widely acknowledged by spiritualists, but a few scientists are beginning to realize that there is a certain something within the field that they are unable to ‘see’ or ‘know’ fully. This unknown factor is, in fact the grid or the matrix as it is called.


Within the magnetic field are force lines that extend from the Earth's interior and loop around it in a complex pattern. These force lines carry within them the energy of the grid. Thus, the grid energies influence the earth matter itself, creating on earth what spiritualists have called ley lines. The ley lines, the magnetic field of the earth, and the earth’s grid are interconnected by the energy that runs through them all. The crystalline energy is the energy that is taking over the grid, the ley lines, and the magnetic field.


Within the grid are innumerable energy minerals and crystals that give it the name ‘crystalline matrix.’ These emit energies of different frequencies. Thus, the crystalline matrix is not composed of only one energy stream, but multiple energy streams that create the ‘whole’. Energies having the same frequencies, band together to form unique energy layers within the grid, the magnetic field, and the earth’s atmosphere.


The frequencies that this channeling wishes to focus upon are what some of you may already know as the Schumann frequencies – 7.83hz. It is interesting to note that Schumann, after whom these frequencies are named, ‘sensed’ these frequencies without having any scientific proof of their physical existence. Scientists are more vitally connected to the higher mental energies than they realise, and are thus guided in their research.


The Schumann Resonance is the breathing part of the earth’s matrix. Some have picturesquely called the resonance the heartbeat of the earth. The earth’s matrix is the conductor of energy from the higher realms to the earth, and the Schumann resonance is a key part of this matrix. As the matrix is very gradually shifting to completely crystalline, the role played by these frequencies becomes more important, and the conscious use of these frequencies shall set up the harmonious environment that shall support the world of tomorrow.


We know that vibrations and frequencies create the states of consciousness. Your state of consciousness is dependent upon the frequencies that you resonate with, and those frequencies that you resonate with carry the same vibrations as your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. When your thoughts are dark, your words and actions shall be unkind, judgemental, separative, and the state of consciousness that you shall be in, shall be a heavy, low energy state that further welcomes similar dense energies. Thus you feel scattered, lethargic, without hope, angry, despondent, and so on. Sadly, this perpetuates the dense state of consciousness, and this goes on till you will-fully and consistently do something to change it.


The crystalline matrix, even though not completed yet, has a strong presence in, on and around the earth. Many of us have consciously created our personal crystalline matrix or are in the process of doing so. The matrix is an amplifier, and the denseness or lightness that you carry as your consciousness, is amplified, not only for you, but for earth itself. Yes, each one of us strongly influences the consciousness of all others on earth. Metatron said that this is why over the past several months they have been pushing us to stop the judgementalism, the harshness of our thoughts and words, and mend our separative ways. We can, and do, influence the consciousness of others on earth because through the crystalline matrix (our own, and that of the earth) the energy vibrations that we emit are carried to others, and they are carried into the actual matter of the earth, and thus we abuse the earth as well. We, in fact, interfere with the very functioning of the crystalline matrix. (Personal comment …For me this was an OMG moment when I heard the channeling. All I could do was say ‘I am sorry’ over and over again.)


There is a simple solution for this. All cosmic solutions are simple. The human world complicates things because it believes that if something is simple it cannot be important. The simple answer lies with the Schumann resonance. The frequency of this resonance, 7.83 hz, is that frequency that naturally brings alignment between differing elements. That is why it is the Earth’s natural frequency. It has always been there, it is not something new. We have always had access to it. It is not something new. We have quite often accessed it without our conscious awareness. When you have meditated, when you have felt a deep sense of peace, togetherness, oneness, you have accessed it. When you energetically heal yourself, or another, or a space, you make use of these frequencies. Whenever you strive towards positive personal transformation, you access these frequencies. Often you use these frequencies along with other frequencies depending upon your need and purpose. 


The natural rhythm of a human brain that is not traumatised by physical, neurological or energy wounds and shocks is in natural alignment with the Schumann Resonance. These frequencies interact with the crystalline matrix, the magnetic field, and your own matrix, and create a resonant field of energy around and within you. You enter into a state of ‘light’ consciousness and emit these uplifting energies through your matrix, through the ley lines, through the earth’s matrix to others on earth. Thus, you amplify the state of ‘light’ consciousness in the world.


The Schumann Resonance supports life itself. If this frequency is violently disrupted, life on earth would soon come to an end. Life is in a constant state of transformation and evolution due to the Schumann resonance. Stillness, spiritual practice, and meditation is recommended to you for this reason. When there is no conscious use of these frequencies, any activity that naturally uses the resonance, and aligns your frequencies with the resonance, is most essential. Such a daily activity keeps you in a state of ‘light’ consciousness even when some parts of your day might pull you towards ‘dark’ consciousness.


Due to the magnetic field, and the interaction of this field with the matrix, the earth falls into a state of natural harmony and alignment at 7.83 frequencies…the Schumann resonance. Due to this, the natural state of earth consciousness is the state of ‘light’ consciousness. But the Earth’s consciousness is also undeniably being influenced by us. As we shift into dark consciousness with our thoughts, beliefs, lack of mindfulness, contempt for others, and so on, we emit these frequencies into our personal matrix, and from there into the matrix of earth and into the grids of others on earth. Thus what we emit is magnified, amplified, beyond what we can even imagine. The earth’s consciousness is being bombarded with this every moment of every day, by millions of individuals.


The energy fabric of the earth’s grid manifests our state of consciousness for us so that we can become aware of what we are creating. So the dark consciousness will bring to us not only a dense inner environment but also messages, people, information and so on that is attracted to this dark consciousness. On the other hand, ‘light’ consciousness shall draw in experiences that are filled with positivity, compassion, understanding, and the like. These manifestations could be personal experiences or national or world events because, at the end of the day, all energy is one. Everything is created from one energy. How that energy manifests itself to each one of us depends upon our personal state of consciousness.


In order to help Earth combat the abuse she receives from the emissions of dark consciousness into her energy fabric, the quantum of cosmic frequencies reaching and being absorbed into the crystalline matrix is constantly increased as a natural balancing outcome. Greater is the abuse of Earth, the greater is the quantum of cosmic frequencies received by her from the Universe. These frequencies enter our energy systems through the ley lines and create agitation of the inner energies. If we are in a state of ‘light’ consciousness, these frequencies shall gently take us into a deeper experience of the ‘light’ consciousness. If, on the other hand, there is a predominance of the ‘dark’ consciousness due to the way we think and behave, these frequencies shall create more agitation within and around us in order to ‘kick’ out the non-productive energies that contribute towards that state of consciousness.


Earth’s higher self, Gaia, also supports her as she often struggles to maintain a balanced environment within her that shall not destroy her very fabric. If her fabric is torn even partially, living organisms would not be able to survive on earth. Even as we continue to abuse her, Earth continues to provide life for us! (That for me is the most beautiful evidence of Cosmic and Universal Love.)


Metatron also spoke of the Universal gift received by the human world in the form of AI – Artificial Intelligence. This development in technology has been hugely inspired by the higher realms of science, in order to free the human world from the chore of performing ‘mundane’ tasks, and freeing us for more creative output. The use of AI rests in the hands of the human world, and of course that means that our state of consciousness is important. If our consciousness harbours, greed, fear, negative reaction to change, resistance to a new order, then AI shall not prove to be the ‘gift’ that is meant to be because our free will choices shall make it detrimental for all. But, if we can use the gift for the purpose that it has been given to us, the human world can facilitate its own tremendous leap in evolution. Being free of mundane tasks that AI can easily learn to do, the human brain shall be receptive to greater transmissions of the Schumann Resonance and shall use these frequencies of harmony to be inspired by the Higher Mind to create, discover, and initiate those changes and improvements that are for the greater and common good.


There is a significant difference between Earth Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness has the pure and full awareness of Light. Earth Consciousness holds the awareness of light plus the ‘intention for use’ of that light. This ‘intention for use’ is the fundamental block that fosters interconnectedness amongst living beings. Intention defines our energy signature. Intention is what defines earth’s energy signature as well. There is always only ONE intention. There is no more than one intention. And that one intention is the intention for the use or disuse of light. If we do something with the intent of maligning another, the intention is of misuse of light. If we do something with the intention of bringing ease to another, then the intention is for the (positive) use of the light. Excuses like ‘that one’s intention is evil, so how/why can I mine be good?’ are also intentions of misuse of light that are generated from dark states of consciousness and, in turn, perpetuate dark states of consciousness. When we understand this at the very core of our being, we shall understand why ‘intention’ is the foundation upon which interconnectedness is built.


By attuning yourself in a very conscious manner to the Schumann resonance you can align with the earth’s consciousness and the earth’s intention. This is of tremendous significance for you and I. Whereas our intention may swing, as it does, between use and disuse of light, the intention of Earth is focussed unwaveringly upon the use of light. When you align with the earth’s consciousness, you not only experience a very deep connection with her, but your intention has a greater pull towards intentional use of light rather than the intentional disuse of light.


Each time you seek to help another, love another, heal another, make another laugh, make someone happy, share their burden, you make intentional use of light. Each time you take in the beauty and peace of nature you attune to the Schumann Resonance and are pulled towards intentional use of light.


Each time you curse, abuse, rage at, condemn, judge, hate, keep people out of your ‘circle’, you make intentional misuse of light. And this disuse is deliberate, not accidental at all. How/why is this deliberate? We know with all of our intelligent awareness, and our spiritual understanding, that ALL IS ONE, that ALL IS LIGHT, that the consciousness of the world as each one perceives it, is a reflection of our own consciousness, and yet even with this knowing, we continue to choose patterns that emanate and perpetuate the state of dark consciousness. This is the deliberate intentional disuse of light. And this drags us into karmic energies that are far stronger than we might wish to experience. When actions are performed out of complete ignorance, the karmic result is a very lenient one. But, when actions that harbour ‘disuse of light’ are executed even though there is awareness, knowledge and knowingness, the karmic results are stringent. Not out of ‘punishment’ mode, but in order for the soul to experience the harsh results of its actions, so that, through this experience, the soul shall never wish to repeat such disuse, and shall be greater focussed upon love and togetherness.


As Earth born beings, the swing between intention of use and intention of disuse can be so wide that we, shorten the swing, need an anchor that is strong enough to slow down the swing and then bring it, if possible, to a complete halt. That anchor is the Schumann Resonance.


Tribes of old did this, and ancient tribes whose descendants exist even today, and who are still deeply held by old rituals, are doing this. As they dance to the beat of the drums, as they stomp on the earth with bare feet, as they participate in earth rituals, what they are doing is attuning with the Schumann resonance, and the consciousness and intention of the earth.


We can do this as well. Though it would be better to do the stomping on earth, it is not always easy to find such a place in urban areas. We can do this in our homes for five minutes daily. Start with gentle stomping, and then gradually build up the pace, always taking care not to cause harm to your ankles, knees, hips and spine.


Each morning as soon as you open your eyes, and each night just before you sleep, entreat Ma Gaia -


I choose to receive from you the frequency of the  Schumann Resonance through the day/night.I make this promise to you, to endeavour strongly to consistently intent to make USE OF THE LIGHT.


Mother Gaia shall give you what you ask for.


Five minutes of chanting OM aloud is also very helpful in aligning with the Schumann Resonance. Though the resonance cannot be heard by human ears, the sound that most closely aligns with the resonance is OM.


To receive the Resonance we must endeavour every day to let go of what keeps us entrapped in fear, guilt, shame, hate, rage, greed, anxiety, dishonesty and so on. These stop us from receiving the Schumann resonance.


Another way to receive the frequencies is to use the power of our breath. Our brains are ‘traumatised’ brains. That is why the brain gives us messages that make us angry or upset or make us do things and say things that are not truthful or are unkind. Breath helps the traumatised brain to be receptive to 7.83 hz. Breathe in slowly. This helps us to partially dissociate from the traumatised brain, and to associate more to the God Cell that is present in every living thing. This takes us towards inner stillness. Choose a rhythm and pattern of slow breathing that works best for you. Breathe into the pit of your stomach. Breathe out completely and slowly, with an audible sigh …AHHHHH. The sign has a purpose. When you let go, a sigh is natural. So breathing out with a very audible sign helps us to let go of the emotional, mental, energy, and physical toxins.  As you let go, there is a greater receptivity to the Schumann Resonance.


Five minutes of stomping, five minutes of OM chanting and five minutes of breathing…this provides the anchor that we need to remain in harmony within and with everything and everyone outside. And thus remain in ‘light’ consciousness.



I strongly recommend that you listen to the actual channeling by clicking on this link

It is a long channeling, and its best listened to in parts, taking a few hours to assimilate one part and then move on to the next.







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