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Will You Greet The Light?

And who shall greet the Light?

And who shall live in its absence?

And who shall walk through the Divine Doorway?

And who shall falter and fall by the way?

And who shall glow with the light of peace?

And who shall choose the darkness of dis-ease?

And who shall shout and proclaim their soul?

And who shall cling to the past and old?

Who shall greet a new dawn with joy and with love?

Who shall stand lost knowing neither Here nor Above?

The answer lies within your heart.

The answer must be, of you, a part.

If you can raise your hand and see

Only the four fingers and a thumb,

If you can look and see just the body you have,

Where shall you find the place

Where dwells the God you pray to?

Where you have come still lies within,

It is that which seeks you, and your recall,

It is that which whispers and calls to you,

But you are deaf, or out of earshot.

It is that which speaks in words of Light

But you do not hear---

You are busy being combatant in a fight.

So, who shall dare to walk away from the dark?

Who shall care to walk with light?

Who shall share the blessings of their prayer?

Who shall help the straying and the strayer?

This poet has spoken not in rhyme and in verse.

But the heart is extended to all, for better or worse.

Stop the 'how', the 'who', the 'why'

There is just one 'you' and there is just one 'I'.

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