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Turn Your Life Around!

How often do you go through a day without saying 'I love you'? How often do you go through a day without finding things to complain about? How often do you go through a day without speaking or thinking with anger? Are you aware that everything, I repeat, everything, that is amiss in your life, and therefore by extension, in the world, is due to the absence of the energy of Love? No, not the superficial human love, that is often sullied by conditions, lust, and need; the type that seeks a fresh stimulus every so often. That love is the imposter that traps you in grief and greed, demand and dominance, rage and repentance. I am referring to the power of Divine Love. The Creator Energy of All That Is. Every cell in every body, in every universe, was woven by the Infinite, who breathed into it, its throbbing life force...the energy of Divine Love. 

You might not believe this, but I ask you to try it before throwing it aside. Try this with single-minded focus for just a fortnight. To your physical pain, keep saying I LOVE YOU. To a difficult emotional situation, keep repeating continually I LOVE YOU. If you are encountering abuse, grief, anxiety, rage, depression, free yourself from being sucked into this (even though it seems to be the hardest thing you could do just now), by repeating to yourself I LOVE YOU. You do not direct these words to anyone. You chant these words as a transmitter of the energy of Divine Love, so that they are received by the highest version of you that IS. This energy first creates a field of power around you, infusing into your aura its Sacred potency. All that negative energy in the auric field is enveloped by Love, and is gradually transformed to a positive energy.

We emanate negative energy from a space within us that is not Spirit - it has been loosely called the space of ego. When I LOVE YOU is repeated, over and over again, the ego is unable to maintain its hold, and Spirit Consciousness returns. This state of complete Spirit Beingness, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len calls the Zero state...the state where there is Zero Ego energy - the ego energy upon which is imprinted pain and memories of pain. With the return of complete Spirit Consciousness, negative frequencies are unable to thrive or survive. This frees you so quickly (sometimes even instantly) from pain, and from painful situations, that you might call it 'miraculous'. Yes, it is a Miracle. If you shift the inner positioning of the alphabets in this word 'miracle', you shall get the word 'Reclaim'. You reclaim your spirit by shifting the inside, so that the space of Zero, complete Spirit, is attained. Then pain disappears, dis-ease cannot exist, abuse and violence is unable to find a foothold, and all that has been inspired by you as the Divine Breath of Creation comes into manifestation.  I experienced this so strongly yesterday that I had to share this greatest little secret of Cosmic Wisdom with you. A dark cloud had come over my me, and for some time I was caught in the shadows. The day passed, and I felt myself drawn deeper into the darkness. At night, I heard a loud voice from deep within my spirit say 'REMEMBER!'. I was jolted out of the shadows, as I instantly began to say 'I LOVE YOU'. With each repetition, I could experience waves of DIVINE LOVE spreading outwards from my heart, my third eye chakra, my crown chakra, and my solar plexus chakra. I don't know when I fell into a deep sleep, but today the cloud has disappeared, without even leaving behind a wisp.

Too often, every one of us, is pulled into a space of little or no Light. That is when we must REMEMBER. We must remember that we have shifted from our ZERO space, and we are experiencing the illusory power of the ego space. This illusory power wears a false disguise of strength. When we experience it, it feels much too real. The pain feels real, the abuse seems real, the rage seems to have a real strength, the grief seems to be real enough to tear us apart. But when we REMEMBER, and the three small words are spoken from the heart, the mind, and the soul, the inauthenticity and the fragility of the ego space is exposed to the Light. It is unable to put up any fight against the surge of Divine Love, and ZERO state is attained....A space of Everything ( Spirit) and Nothing (Ego).  The greatest shift of our times is being demanded of us today. This space of enforced isolation is, in fact, a sacred opportunity to go within, and shift the inner positioning so that we Reclaim our Spirit, and begin to co-create a miracle...The Miracle of Zero, where everything can exist in the way we, as Spirit, choose, in the way we, as Spirit, visualise, and in the way we, as Spirit, determine. 

To say 'I LOVE YOU' is to move away from the disempowerment of blame into the empowering wisdom that in your Being lies the answer to the life you lead today, and to the life you choose to live in all your tomorrows. Don't be defeated, don't be resigned to living with pain, don't be satisfied by anything less than complete happiness. The most magnificent secret of Cosmic Creation is now yours...I LOVE YOU.

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