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Purpose of the Current Chaos

This is the time for balance. No, not balance of head and heart, or masculine and feminine, though even these are important. It's time to balance out karma. All that we have done or said or thought (!!!!) that has risen out of a place of dishonesty, uncharity, scorn, arrogance and ingratitude, must now be balanced out. This is not the time to look at your neighbour to see if he is changing his unkind, mean and nasty ways. The more you look at him, the greater is your proportion of karma to balance out. The more you participate in spreading news of which you do not the 100% truth, the greater is the karma you shall be demanded to balance out. Go beyond the earthly 3D experience of all that is going on around you globally. Since 2006 we have repeatedly been told by JF that the political/economic /financial / social systems as we know them shall collapse. They must, so that they can be replaced by the new. To enable this huge transformation some people must play their very obvious roles. Stop blaming them. Your blame is coming out of your ignorance of the larger picture, and your refusal to be open enough to even acknowledge that there is a bigger picture. Do not panic. You are going to lose nothing. Do not be filled with fear and rage. You have a lot to gain if you accept the chaos and its purpose. (Please do listen to the channeling on chaos.) Chaos has a vital role to play today. If you resist it, if you adversely react to it, if you blame those who are the keys that have unlocked the chaos (and shall continue to do so... Yes, there are more key players waiting for their turn to come), YOU shall be the reason why you are not benefitting from the transformation. In the earlier stages of transformation there shall be those who shall benefit because they follow this guidance being given, and there shall be those who shall continue to live in ignorance and disbelief of the transformation. Of course, gradually all shall transform (this natural process cannot now be halted), but they shall only make it more difficult and challenging for themselves. Focus only on your balancing process. Each one of has done and said and thought much that has been lacking in integrity, kindness, and good will. We have given greater value to our social power than to another's wellbeing, we have blinded ourselves to abundance for all as we have been busy filling our personal coffers, we have been rude and harsh and mean to those whom we knew could not stand up against us, we have resented our lot and been envious of others, we have taken what was never ours to grab, we have used our positions to gain more selfish control and to demean and belittle others. All of this has to be balanced out. This is a time of so much energy volatility that going to tarot readers and mediums and astrologers shall not help much, as the only truth that is of any significance lies in your willingness and ability to balance your karma, and your firm intention to do so. Merely saying sorry is meaningless, giving money to the underprivileged is meaningless, and visiting places of worship is meaningless, if the intentions don't change, if the patterns don't change, if the words, actions and thoughts don't change. Do not focus on who has wronged you; that is their karma to redeem and your bitter focus upon them shall only make it your karma as well. Focus sharply on all the wrong you have done, the lies spoken (yes, the so called white ones too), the manipulation and scheming resorted to, the cruelty shown. All of this does not make you a bad person. It does not stain the purity of your spirit - nothing can do that. But it increases the weight of karma and imbalance.

The Universe makes only one demand of us --- what we have imbalanced, we must bring into balance. That is exclusively our responsibility and no amount of prayers, religious rituals and chanting can balance out even one iota of that imbalance for us. Only we can do that! And we can do that by first recognising all that we have done to others and to ourselves, by not playing games of hide-n-seek with our ego and baseness, and then by doing whatever it takes to set right the imbalance, and shifting purposefully from those patterns that caused the imbalances in the first place. If we are not ready to do this now, then we must be ready to face the consequences of our choices. (Yes, please do listen to the channeling on the light and dark choices we make.) Let us lend support to each other, and be willing to accept support from each other, as we set out to balance the imbalanced. I'm with you on your journey. From my heart to yours.

(Do you remember what was said about chaos in a channeling a short while ago? We were told that greater chaos would follow but we should understand its purpose, and live through the chaos accordingly. This was closely followed by another significant channeling about the choices we make and how they affect us. If you haven't heard the channelings please listen to them, and if you already have, please hear them again, this time more carefully.)

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