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    The Awaken Series

    Every Thurs. 9.30pm on Zoom

    To Awaken is the need of the hour! Awakening is a collective endeavour. THE AWAKEN SERIES shall be a 100% directed and led by Cosmic OverLord JadeFire. 


    Each week, on Thursday at 9.30pm (starting Thursday, Sept. 24th - Topic: Eliminating Scarcity Thinking),  I shall be guided in the direction that Higher Energies desire to take this series. The paths are not known yet, but the goal is certain - Collective Awakening! Starting with You.


    Starting with me.  We best awaken ourselves by helping others to awaken as well. 

    Free Registration. Prior registration required. Email ellaeenah@jadefirelight.com for the link to register.

    After registering, you shall receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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    The Sacred Quests of the Soul + The 40 Rules of Unconditional Love

    Email course + 10-day WhatsApp Course, starting Oct. 17th

    As we enter the powerful month of Goddesshood Revival, I bring to you 'The Sacred Quests of the Soul' (An Email Course) +40 'The Forty Rules of Unconditional Love' (A 10-day WhatsApp Program that is LIGHTLY based upon the inspiring book of Elif Shafak, and enhanced by meditations, and chants to awaken the unconditional love that lies within your DNA).

    Both these courses are yours for just Rs. 2,900/- (if full payment is made before 10th October). After that you pay the full fee of Rs. 5,500/-. (USD 85 for foreign remittances). Sign up for the courses now - ellaeenah@jadefirelght.com

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    Completion & Renewal

    9-Day WhatsApp Program

    Let us learn from the trees. They let go of everything that serves them no longer, daring to remain bare for a short time, knowing that newness shall beautify them again. Through a meditation and switchwords program spread over nine days, we shall shed, reach inner silence, and get ready to bloom again. EE Rs. 750/- per person only. (USD 16 for foreign remittances.) Let's joyn our forces NOW

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    A Complete Chakra Restructuring program

    Email Program

    15 sessions of 15 minutes each using sounds, frequencies, music, and guided meditations, to heal each chakra.

    15 lessons of detailed notes about chakras

    1 personal energy scanning session of 15 minutes with me (via WhatsApp video)

    At an all-inclusive (never before) Course Fee of Rs. 15000/- only. (USD 217 for Foreign remittances)
    (If you have already completed the Chakras Course of 15 lessons with me, and do not wish to receive these again, the course fee shall be Rs.10,500/- only)

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    Cosmic Rays - Understanding rays of our soul blueprint

    Email me to know more

    A FREE Zoom Class open ONLY to those who have their soul blueprint report created by me that shows the Rays Structure.

    Plese keep your soul blueprint report with you through the class, and keep pen and paper ready so that you can take down notes of what you find pertinent to you. 

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