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There Is No Secret --- To Balance and Manifestation!

There Is No Secret --- To Balance and Manifestation!

© EllaeenajJF

The time is NOW. The time to balance the masculine and feminine energies. Everything that we are facing, is pushing us towards setting right the inner imbalance. The Universe is using Water and Fire hoping that we shall listen, that we shall heed, that we shall take right action. Its efforts are getting more emphatic because very few are heeding this urgent call. But, what does it mean to balance the Inner Masculine and Feminine?

The first thing that we have to focus attention upon is the sense of Inner Authority. The need to be in constant control, the need to take charge in all situations, the need to exercise power over others, stridency, fanaticism, overreaction, all of this, and more, spells lack of Inner Authority. Submissiveness, timidity, fear of confrontation, anxiety, indecisiveness, implies lack of Inner Authority. What is this Inner Authority that so many of us are striving to attain? What lies at its foundation?

Inner Authority is a built-in divine mechanism that is constantly monitoring our movement, and telling us how to set it right, if it is not on the path of the soul. Call it your personal GPS – God Privileged Strength – that gives you the Right to be who you are, to fear-lessly and shame-lessly feel what you do, to agree and disagree, to follow or lead, to live on your terms without stridency, without dumping on others, without judging yourself or them.

Inner Authority functions from Faith – not necessarily, and only the faith in a higher power, but, more importantly, the Faith in your ability to create the realities you choose to experience. This needs to be better understood. The Law of Manifestation is not about creating the 100 million rupees, the grand mansion, the souped-up Ferrari, the enviable job, the fabulous relationship. Unfortunately, most believe that this is what Manifestation is about, and that is why they feel such a sense of disappointment and personal failure when it does not happen. Unfortunately, most teach that this is what the Law of Manifestation is about. The Law of Manifestation is not a secret that only a few can access. The Law of Manifestation is for all to enjoy by right, but it works only to create a state of existence, a state of consciousness. Let me repeat this so that you pay attention – The Law of Manifestation works only to create a state of existence, a state of consciousness. Looking for that 100 million rupees? BE in the Masculine-Feminine balance that brings with it the consciousness of Abundance. Praying for that perfect relationship? BE in the Masculine-Feminine balance that brings with it the consciousness of Oneness and Harmony. Frustrated because that promotion is just coming through? BE in the Masculine-Feminine balance that brings with it the consciousness of Self-Worth. Do you see what I’m getting at?

The external delight of tangible manifestation is only the side-effect of an inner state of consciousness. The Law of Manifestation does not work to create ‘things’ – remember that this is a Universal Law that recognizes material ‘things’ as illusions. The Law works in the realm of Universal Truth and Divine Wisdom, and does not help in perpetuating illusion. The Law of Manifestation is the Universal Law that informs you of your divine right to claim a state of consciousness that you choose as the most perfect for you at any given point in time. It gives you the inner GPS to understand that right, claim that right, to exercise that right, to create any state of consciousness that you choose, without judging this to be right or wrong. This Law also makes you aware that every state of inner consciousness creates its resonance in the physical world. If it is the money that you are looking for, or that elusive relationship, or the house, or physical health, then your focus must not be on that physical result, but on attaining that state of inner consciousness that shall naturally create its resonance in the physical world in accordance with your desires. The Law of Manifestation can be used on attaining, and maintaining, that state of consciousness. It is futile to use the power of this Law to create a physical reality without endeavoring for the inner consciousness to support it. That shall never work. Having the vision of the physical result that he wishes to enjoy, the potter has single-minded focus upon the the misshapen lump of clay, till it attains the beauty and balance that is in alignment with his vision. The vision is created by the feminine energy that receives the beauty of creation, the hands work with the masculine energy that ‘does’.

If we constantly use only the inner masculine – think linearly, focused on activity, remain in the ‘doing’ mode, wanting to be in the driver’s seat, be the director – we shall not experience the joy of the inner feminine – being intuitive, in tune with that which is real but invisible / intangible, being creative, open to receiving. Of course, if we lose sight of the inner masculine we shall live in a state of indecisiveness, blame, fear of leadership, dreaminess, emotional dependency, timidity, and so on. If the inner masculine is over-utilized aggression, inability to accept help, desire to take control, rebelliousness, and so on shall follow. The balance between the two is the only way to attain the state of consciousness that is necessary for positive manifestation, because the Feminine Energy receives the input from Divine Heart and Divine Mind, and the Masculine energy uses that input to create the output of a positive reality. When there is inadequate input, we end up using the same stale and weakened energies over and over again, which we experience as repetitive and often harmful patterns in our lives. When the input that is received is not allowed expression as right word and action, there is a build-up of unused energy that eventually stagnates and causes blocks.

All of this might seem to you as ‘unattainable’, but before you shake your head despondently, think about the inner GPS – Godly Privileged Strength. There is no living being that does not possess this finely tuned, well-honed GPS. This GPS is a miracle – it never stops working perfectly. It is constantly emitting strong signals that act like beacons to keep us constantly upon the path chosen by the soul. Its brand name is Faith. It gives us the right to follow its direction or reject it entirely. The GPS steers a balanced path between the inner masculine and the inner feminine.

The most essential step at this time is to identify the imbalance that we are living in. Read the second paragraph again, and become aware of your behaviour patterns that expose the imbalance. Become aware of how old beliefs are still playing out in your life, e.g. ‘I am the wife, and I must be looked after by the husband’, ‘the father is the provider of the family’, ‘women are good teachers and nurses, but are misplaced as engineers, soldiers, and construction workers’, ‘it is not acceptable for men to take up dancing, cooking, and kindergarten teaching as careers’, ‘the home is the domain of the woman, the office the territory of the man’.

This is the time to set these imbalances right. Social systems that are either strongly matriarchal or patriarchal have resulted in cultural and generational imbalances. Where do we start? Society, and its conditioned responses, are too strong for us to penetrate, culture and tradition are too deeply set in their ways for us to make a dent, teachers are often not open to learning, parents often resist the new, and all resist change. There is only place to start this transformation from – SELF. Do you like control? What about exercising that over Self so that your wisdom is ‘lived’ and not merely intellectualized? Do you believe that you are right? What about following that in each moment without being concerned about others validating you, or following you? Do you believe that others should learn about Universal Laws and Spiritual truths? What about learning these yourself, so thoroughly that you actually live them in each situation? Wishing to change the faults and flaws in others? What about turning the eye of discernment upon yourself so that you have fewer flaws each day? YOU are the answer – the only answer.

The imbalance in the world is due to your imbalance, my imbalance. You and I are responsible for the hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, fires, and much more. We are responsible for the political leaders whom we delight in criticizing, we are responsible for the financial systems that are failing, we are responsible for the greed and violence. No, I am not referring to how you voted, or how you spend and invest your money. No, I am not referring to morals and ethics that often make us supercilious, believing that we are better than ‘them’. I am referring to the relationships that don’t work, the money that is scarce, the health that is failing, the conflicts that creep in everyday. In this lies the exposé that reveal the truth that we wish to not recognize. The imbalance that lies within each one of us has gathered into a collective strength, and has created the imbalances that we are experiencing, in our lives, in our countries, in our world. Yes, there is much that is wrong with this world; yes, there is much to set right. The time is NOW. The place to start with is ME.

(Part 2 of this focuses upon what is faith, and we can strengthen that – ‘Living In Faith Is Not That Easy!’)

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