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Understanding Anger, and Using it to Bring About Change

--- Ellaeenah JadeFire

We are human beings, and we are intrinsically geared to be kind, good, generous, caring. And this is true for all human beings, even those whose words and actions don’t seem to stand true to this statement. So, when we see or experience something that goes against the grain of that core essence, we are impelled to set it right. And if we are not able to set it right, we react with anger because we feel a deep frustration. This aspect of anger my Cosmic Master, JadeFire calls ‘productive’, ‘necessary’ or ‘constructive’. If we did not have this inner response, we might remain in a state of callous indifference or apathetic indifference. And what is more important, is that the evolution of our base nature, personal and collective, would be rather slow.

You might well ask, when is anger ‘destructive’ or ‘unproductive’? The answer is evident - when it turns into self-righteousness, judgementalism, self-pity, entitlement, selfish demands, abusive exertion of authority, or when, we who are aggrieved, become as aggressive as the aggressors whom we find fault with. When this unfortunate turn takes place, anger is unable to have a constructive result. Anger has an intense energy that, if contained and employed in balance, can act as a very powerful impetus for change. Entitlement, judgmentalism, self-righteousness and so on makes containment of anger impossible, and it goes out of your control. Instead of you directing this energy towards constructive goals, the uncontrolled force of anger enslaves you. No longer is the mind in control of cognition and reason.

Anger, like all emotions, is universal. You may experience it as a reaction or as an over-reaction. There is no one who is free of this energy. You may be the one who is in a constant state of anger, or you may be the recipient of constant anger. The latter case often causes a slow simmer which often lies unrecognized. When a person throws tantrums, is irritable, complains, shouts, judges, abuses, tries to get even, gets violent, we recognize this as anger. The simmering, deep-lying anger often goes unrecognized, and remains unresolved due to this, often showing up in the form of a serious dis-ease. Passive anger can also be the reason for depression, self-harm, self-sabotage, acute lack of motivation and so on.

Anger, whether recognized or unrecognized, destroys relationships and causes pain…to self or to others. Or both. Thus, it is important to not only recognize our anger, but to learn how to use it constructively towards positive shifts. The basic reason behind any anger is a recognition of something that goes against your values. You therefore call it ‘wrong’ and are against it. You find it offensive to your sensibilities. Anger is the resultant emotion. It comes up so that you can, with its help, do something to get yourself back into a state of inner equanimity.

When you care enough about something to want to make a difference, you are neither callously nor apathetically indifferent. The anger within you is evidence enough of this. But you need to use something that is considerably stronger than this very fierce emotion to contain it, to hold healthy space for it, to ensure that it does not push its way into the fabric of your life or the fabric of society in an unrestrained, undirected, explosive manner. If you care enough about something, if you care enough about it to seek a positive change, then you must care enough to learn how to be the master of this energy.

Yes, you can be the critic, the activist, the judge, the disapprover; yes, you can certainly take a solid stance against something. But through it all, you must be very sure that the anger is directed to the action, the situation, the condition, and not the person! I said earlier that there must be something stronger than anger to contain it, even as you express it. And that something stronger lies within you. Within every one of us. That something stronger is divine recognition, divine truth, divine wisdom, divine understanding, divine light. The degree to which you care about something shall determine the strength of the anger released. This is important for you to understand. If you care deeply about something that does not align with your value system, you shall feel the anger strongly. And consequently, the divine discipline, the divine awareness, that you must exercise needs to be greater than the anger. It is this, and this alone, that shall ensure that you haven’t turned into an aggressor in your thoughts, or words, or actions, or all the above. When you turn into the aggressor, you lose all divine right to claim that you are righting a wrong. In the eyes of the universe your karmic book is getting filled as rapidly with crosses as the karmic book of the one you are judging, condemning, or abusing.

There is nothing wrong with value judgements; there is everything wrong with judgementalism and condemnation of a human being. Value judgements throughout history have been responsible for change and evolution. Abuse, stridency, speaking ill of another, violence (of thought, word, or deed) has brought about nothing else but war and strife, and interpersonal conflict. It is time for you to make a choice! Remember that each time you open your mouth, you are announcing the deepest truth of your value system, and who you are. What do your words and thoughts say about you? Your each word, thought and action is being evaluated by your higher self, which then decides whether you are ready to receive the fruits and rewards of evolution.

JadeFire has suggested a very pertinent mind-shift. Change anger from a noun to a verb. Turn away from anger as an emotion because it is one of the most difficult emotions to contain (suppression of anger is not containment of anger!). Containment of anger requires every ounce of your spiritual strength and authority. You must be a version of you far better than even you could imagine yourself to be. Change the mindset. Make it a verb. DO ANGER. Take action.

We have a greater control over our actions than we do over our emotions. When you have made a value judgement, instantly commit to doing something about it. Join a cause, a movement, that is in sync with your truths and your spiritual goals as well. Actively take part in something. Write letters, speak to persons in authority, gather like-minded people who can collectively make a difference. The options are many, but the core of all options must be CONSTRUCTIVE CONTAINMENT AND DIRECTION OF THE ANGER. Not for a moment, must you lose sight of the divine core - that same divine core that runs through you and the person/s following a path that is antithetical to your values. Not for a moment must you forget that the ever-present fact of your spiritual advancement is just as important as the positive changes you seek to make in the social fabric.

This statement might mislead you to believing that apathetic indifference or non-action of any kind is thus the best path to follow. And you would be completely wrong. Spiritual advancement demands that we care about others, just as much as we care about ourselves. If activitism is not your thing, then use your inner strength to create energy changes that can support the practical changes. Changes at both levels are equally important. For practical changes to flourish and thrive there needs to be a supportive energy environment. Make collective effort towards this. Collective efforts are more powerful than individual efforts, but only right and consistent personal efforts can garner the appropriate collective strength that is required.

Let me give you an example. Bigotry may be what goes deeply against your core values. The first step is to ensure that you recognize the bigot within you and make strong endeavors to eliminate that by living the spiritual wisdom that you already have. Then begin to gather like-minded people, who have the same positive energy and cosmic consciousness. Use energy tools to create collective energy changes in the earth’s matrix. Use the new crystalline matrix of the earth and connect to it to empower yourselves. Be persistent. Meet very regularly. Commit to one focal point and persevere for as long as it takes. Keep adding to your group, and soon you shall have an energy movement that becomes a permanent energy shift.

Each one of us can DO ANGER in the way it best aligns with who we are. And no way is the better way. Practical activism needs the right energy cradle to bear fruit, and energy activism requires the efforts of others to concretely establish the new systems that empower all.

Is any of this idealistic? Utopian? I don’t think so. I believe it is completely doable. All it needs is a willingness from you to shift your focus from the person to the action, from judgementalism and condemnation to taking on responsibility for the change you seek.

Remember constantly the words of Mahatma Gandhi: Be The Change You Seek.

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