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Rising Above Adversity: Embracing Life's Current Challenges

By Ellaeenah JadeFire

We are going through times of change and innovation; changes that play a crucial role in our personal growth and evolution, liberating us from conditioning and patterns imposed by society, family, and cultural norms. The ‘NOW’ is challenging us to break free from these patterns to discover our true, authentic selves.

The energies that we are experiencing are erratic, often surprising us with sudden shifts and unpredictable outcomes, but they act as a catalyst in this deconditioning process. We are being urged to question our expectations, look at our comfort zones, and reappraise the way in which we validate ourselves. The cosmic message to our world is embrace your authenticity. Till we do this, we shall be tugged and pulled in ways that cannot be predicted, and often not understood. Our efforts may be thwarted, running engines come to a grinding halt, and prayers and chants refusing to work. That is why over the past several months tarot readings, and other such energy ‘prediction’ tools are not functioning as effectively as they used to. I have experienced this personally, and I have had other readers tell me the same. In our conversations we have come to realise that the areas where the readings prove wholly or partially ineffectual, are the areas in which we seek validation of who we are. E.g. if we validate ourselves through our success and wealth, or through our children, or relationships, then the readings in those areas are either unclear or ineffectual because the energies in those areas are very fast-changing. What seems to be true on one day, shows vastly different readings a few weeks later! And here is why. When cosmic energies, as the ones we are experiencing currently, are active in our lives, we may find ourselves being pushed into uncharted territory, to step outside our comfort zones and embrace the hidden truths about how we validate ourselves and our existence. While this can be extremely unsettling, the disruption and uncertainty remind us that growth often occurs outside the boundaries of familiarity.

As many of you may be aware, Jupiter and Uranus are, both, currently in the sign of Taurus. Uranus operates as the "great awakener," shaking us out of complacency, challenging us to better ourselves. Currently, this is causing significant disruptions to our deeply ingrained values and beliefs, and challenging the structures surrounding wealth that we may believe are infallible. It is asking us, individually, and as a human race, to question our relationship with the earth, and the greed that we may be functioning out of. It is impelling us to make permanent transformations in all areas pertaining to creation of wealth, business growth and success, asset accumulation, sustainability, and food production and distribution. The more we focus upon material resources, the less shall come to us. This may seem to you as a dichotomy as we know that what we focus upon is what we create. What we must not forget, though, is the energy that lies behind our focus. If we focus upon the growth of material resources and business success out of fear, anxiety, scarcity, and lack, or aggrandisement, the potential of true abundance shall not be uncovered by us.

Jupiter helps Uranus in an intriguing manner. This planet of abundance has often been considered as the planet of money, success and wealth. Though this certainly may be true to a limited extent, abundance extends way beyond the garishness of physical wealth. Jupiter joins hands with Uranus to draw our attention to the truth about abundance, shifting our vision from the gilded illusions of material prosperity that entrap us. This is precisely why energy readings and ‘predictions’ are going awry. The readings point towards potential that exists, but only we can convert that potential into fact. The underlying ego chains, insecurities, inauthenticity, external validations, must be overcome if the potential that the readings reveal are to be enjoyed in fact. Downsize greed, upsize abundance. Shift from accumulating assets to amassing spiritual resources. Without this shift, the experience of disruption and ‘stuckness’ shall persist. The fall of big business is preceded by the rise of big egos. ‘Get’ is being pushed out by ‘give’. Go inwards, and serve outwards.

These disruptive energies can lead to personal and large-scale upheaval and discord. It can shake the foundations of our lives, relationships, and businesses, forcing us to confront aspects of ourselves or situations that we may have long been avoiding. Yet, within these upheavals lie tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation.

This journey towards self-realization is a deep, intense, and profound one. It has the power to penetrate our innermost being, and expose our unresolved issues and darkest shadows, so that we embrace our vulnerabilities, and confront the aspects of ourselves that we have buried deep within. This process can be uncomfortable and challenging, as it requires us to let go of what no longer serves us, and make room for renewal and regeneration. Only by surrendering to this process of ‘load-shedding’ can we pave the way for our growth and transformation. We must see that what once may have given us the greatest validation could today be the cause of stagnation and toxicity.

Embracing the current energies of uncertainty, unpredictability, instability and changeability, requires of us courage, resilience, and a willingness to let go of the old determiners of who we are. Your beliefs in astrology, energy healing, energy readings, and such, shall work for you only when you make some very significant internal changes. Do not place your faith in predictions, but in yourself. Focus not only upon the struggling businesses and relationships, but understand the personal energies that obstruct the potential abundance from reaching you. Whatever has been your source of validation, be ready to let it go.

Manifesting prosperity and fulfilment in any area of our lives requires cultivating an abundance mindset and aligning our energy matrix with the energy of abundance. It is most essential to understand that consciousness and mindset are the driving forces behind our lives, and that prosperity and fulfilment are only the outcomes. Abundance is a universal law that is omnipresent. It represents the potential energy of creation whereas prosperity is the tangible manifestation of this energy.

The most important component of accessing and transforming this potential energy into manifested form is vibration. Just like radio waves, our feelings, thoughts and beliefs emit frequencies. Just as we tune into different frequencies or vibrations of the radio station that we choose, similarly our energy emissions create a vibrational resonance that connect us with the desired manifestations. Please read the last line again. If we do not have the energy emissions required for the desired manifestation, the responsibility for this is wholly our own. That which can be seen as potential can be turned into reality (or not) by you, and you alone. And that is why I do not believe that anything can be predicted! We can certainly recognise its potentiality, but the manifestation of that is, and shall always be, in our hands.

To manifest something, let's say money, romantic relationship, health, we need to tap into the feelings, thoughts and beliefs associated with abundance. By living in the state of already having what we desire, we align ourselves with the vibration of Source, and thus the power of creation.

The only obstacle preventing us from experiencing opportunities, money, and happiness as manifestations of reality is our lack of consciousness. When we entertain thoughts (even those that lie deeply hidden within us) of scarcity, lack, loss or separation from what we desire, we create a blockage. To prevent these blocks we must believe in an abundant world and commit to discovering why that belief does not exist or exists only as an intellectual concept. By embodying this mindset and vibrational frequency, we open ourselves to the flow of abundance, and allow prosperity, health and happiness to manifest in our lives.

The dynamic nature of the world in which we live today can significantly alter the landscape moment to moment. Do not undermine the influence of free will choices. We, individually and collectively, have the power to alter the course of events by the choices and decisions we make. The ripple effect of these choices can never be predicted but, as always, experienced not only by us but, very often, by the entire human family.

Find a different way of being, a different way of conducting relationships, a different approach to business, a different way of thinking.The intense energies that we are experiencing can manifest as destructive or ground-breaking. In either case, renewal and regeneration are the next steps for humanity — but not before letting go of what no longer serves us, and creating space for something new to take shape.

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