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Portal Year 2018

Many have asked me about 2018, a year that channeled communication tells me is going to be a Portal Year. In this article I shall attempt to simplify this rather complex channeled communication. The difference between a portal year, and another year that cannot be described as a portal year, lies in the regularity of the portals. In a portal year, the portals come to us very frequently, and roughly coincide with the start of each month. The energies that we are influenced by in a portal year have frequency vibrations that are very different, and far more potent.

In this portal year of 2018, each one of us shall be influenced by regularly shifting vortexes of energy that roughly coincide with the changing months. Though this phenomenon shall influence all, not all shall be influenced by the same vortex frequency each month. This shall vary, and this variance is entirely guided by your spirit, as it directs your movement and evolution from the etheric planes.

I have also been questioned about the Cosmic Guidance Journal for 2018 in relation to the Portal year, so let me address that as well. In other years you were kept informed by your Journal, of the energies of the physical plane that influenced you each month; in a Portal year your physical planes and etheric planes come together, creating energies that are exponentially more powerful. Each portal, thus, is a mass of energy in a high concentration, usually originating from non-physical planes. These energies of the portals shall be both upwards (energies from the physical planes moving upwards to meet the energies of the etheric planes), and downwards (energies of the etheric planes moving downwards to meet the energies of the physical planes). Depending upon their movement, the portals shall present us with challenges and growth opportunities, as well as energies that shall rejuvenate and expand our frequency vibrations.

Knowledge of the portal energy that is specific to us each month is hugely important from the point of view of the choices that we make in regard to our responses and reactions. Free will choice is never undermined by the Universe, and in 2018 these are even more significant, because the exponential leaps possible in this year shall be entirely governed by our choices that shall either be in sync with the portal energy or shall attempt to resist it.

The focus of 2018 is upon the ‘internal’. Attempting to look at the world around you, blaming it or crediting it for your emotional weakness or strength, shall only bring you disappointment. Processing the portal energy is an internal process. This internal process is aided by using the Earth’s energies to heal your emotions, stabilise yourself, and bring in positivity, focus and clarity. The Earth’s energy is present in its pure form in Crystals, Flower Essences, and Essential Oils. Use these everyday, and if you do not know how to use them, then 2018 is certainly the year to learn about them. This is the reason why the Cosmic Guidance Journal for 2018 shall recommend not only the crystals that you can use (as it does every year), but also the Bach Flower Remedies that could help you.

The Portal Year unfolds for you the potential of maximum expansion each month, but how far this potential is converted into living reality depends upon how far through the portal you shall travel. Inspite of your greatest resistance, you shall enter the portal that is specific for you, but your movement through it shall be laboured and incomplete if you try to 'swim against the tide'. If you allow the portal energies to direct your responses to events of that month such that they are in flow with the portal energies, you shall smoothly enter the portal, and complete the journey through it. This shall take you into the next month with a frequency bandwidth that is constantly expanding.

Wishing you an easy and blessed 2018.

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