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The Role of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are commonly called the outer planets. They are considered transpersonal, because their influence goes beyond the personal or individual level of consciousness. In their own ways, these three planets are associated with collective consciousness, social change, innovation, and revolution. They work alone, and with other planets, to help us break free from old structures, and question the way we do things, act, interact, and express. That is why their effects are not just limited to our personal life, but also extend to the human race as whole.

The planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars describe your uniqueness as a person – how you appear to others, how you think, feel, believe, emote, and communicate. Jupiter and Saturn look at your familial and social conditioning, fears, karmic patterns, responsibilities and also just rewards. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are generational planets, and as such, they influence each generation, bringing about global changes.

These outer planets push us to go beyond the boundaries and limits that our ego places upon us. They represent our spiritual core, that which I have often referred to as the ‘god self’, and are to be studied more from the point of view of the awakening of the soul rather than the roles they play in a very limited personal-centric way. They are often considered ‘malefic’ by traditional astrologers because they are positioned in such a way that they challenge our ego's desire for control. While this can be experienced as problematic and disruptive in the course of a stable life, the operations of the outer planets are exactly what we need for our spiritual growth and evolution, and the advancement of our soul journey. They can indeed be called the ‘shifters’.

Uranus, the agent of awakening and ground-breaking transformation, rouses you to your deepest inner truth, that truth that you may often attempt to keep hidden from yourself even because it may not align with the truths and beliefs of your family, community or society. It urges you towards freedom from these self-imposed chains, and can draw your attention to the same by bringing the unexpected and unpredictable into your life. In doing so, it helps you to access an intelligence that is not the norm, unlocking your intuition and pushing you to receive higher and inner guidance that you might have been unaware of or unbelieving of. Thus, you begin to question everything that you have been taught, or read, or considered as ‘true’. This may not always go down well with family, friends and colleagues who may label you as eccentric, rebellious, and ‘rocking the boat’. However, if you continue on your journey to unlocking and honouring your deep truths, Uranus shall help to create new and positive realities that emerge out of the chaos.

To go through these times of transition, use the power of your breath. Your sacred prana. Remember, energy flows where focus goes. When you focus upon your breath, you turn away from anxiety and agitation, and become mindful, balanced, centred. Through your nose breathe deeply into your belly, making your belly expand like a balloon. Hold the breath there for a few seconds, and then very slowly exhale through the mouth. As you breath thus, visualise yourself flowing into ‘newness’, being carried by the waves of the sea or the breezes in a blue sky. You may even imagine yourself on a ‘magic carpet’ being piloted by your soul to an exhilarating, exciting, and as yet unknown destination. You could also use, if so inclined, the Bach Flower remedy mix of Walnut, Chestnut Bud, Gentian, Aspen and Cherry Plum.

Neptune, the planet of higher vision and freedom from karma, urges you to attain the fullness of your divine state. We are all divine beings having a human experience, and Neptune presents us with opportunities to leave behind dense energies, resolve karmic debts and joyously soar towards oneness with Source. This journey with Neptune brings to you spiritual vision and inner guidance once you overcome unconscious ways of living in illusion. As a generational planet, Neptune enables you to tap into the collective wealth of ‘imagination’ and ‘creativity’, being thus inspired by ideas that break set boundaries, and open new portals. But, before it can do this, Neptune is unrelenting about bringing you face-to-face with your deceptions, deceits, facades, masks, illusions and delusions. It wants you to be ‘real’ and will continue pushing till you drop everything that keeps you from your authentic self. Isn’t it remarkable that the planet that draws your attention to your illusions, is also the planet that tells you who you are in pure divine essence?

To help you with this, you could begin the daily practice of chanting the Ho’oponopono statements. As you chant these, you can imagine a beautiful, but closed, lotus flower on the screen of your third eye chakra. As you chant, the lotus flower begins to slowly open, and the unfurled petals take you ever closer to your authentic self of divine energy.

Pluto is the cosmic transformer, and brings into your life all the shifts and changes that are most required for you to align with your highest purpose, your soul mission. With Pluto, you journey from lower levels to higher levels of consciousness. We are often stuck in patterns and manners because we are scared to make changes. Thus we sabotage a process that we might deeply wish to begin. Our fears of being vulnerable, or being made fun of, or being opposed, or being rejected, stop us from revealing who we really are, and making changes to align ourselves with what we know is true about us. Out of these fears, we continue to follow old patterns, compulsions, and behaviours, playing the same old games that do not fulfil us any longer. When we continue to resist Pluto’s urging to dive below the superficial levels of our lives, it can, sometimes, create an ‘earthquake’ that does that for us. This earthquake could be in the manner of a loss, death or betrayal. Tough yes, but this leaves us with no other option but to face our fears, and tap into the strength of our soul. Thus, Pluto fulfils its goal of a spiritual rebirthing for us, wherein we know how empowered we are.

If you know your natal chart, look at the zodiac sign lying opposite the sign where Pluto is. This sign shall show you how best you can move towards spiritual rebirthing. By understanding that sign well, you shall teach yourself how to use your personal power for the collective good and best interests of all.

Thus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto unite to bring about our spiritual evolution, as individuals and as a human race. They free us from chains that may be imposed upon us by self, family, community or society. They help us to say ‘yes’ to our inner guidance, awakening our intuition, and revealing the truth of the authentic divine self. They give us the strength and capability to ‘kill’ our ego and live by the dictates of our higher consciousness, moving onwards to our soul mission. This movement and journey can sometimes seem hard but it’s absolutely worth it.

The author, Ellaeenah JadeFire, is not a traditional astrologer, nor does she have any more than very basic knowledge of traditional astrology. Her work with soul-based astrology has been guided by her Cosmic Master, JadeFire (Lord Sananda). To know about the soul blueprints that she has been creating for two decades now, you can click on this link
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