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Saturn's Cosmic Dance With Aquarius: Navigating Global Change and Personal Growth

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Saturn’s cosmic dance with Aquarius began in the middle of January 2023. This transit that shall restructure tradition and reorient thought, remains in place for a little over two years, carrying with it the potential of considerable global and personal transformation. On the global front, it is very likely that we shall see even greater advancements in technology than we are seeing now. This is because Aquarius oversees and encourages humanitarianism, innovation and technology. It prods us to think out of the box, and to break the ‘box’ itself. Saturn’s presence in Aquarius determines that the areas where there shall be acutely visible changes are artificial intelligence, extra-terrestrial contact and communication, and space travel and exploration. Huge strides could be made in the field of sustainability and renewable energy sources as well. Breaking the boundaries! Resetting the boundaries for the future!

Some of these changes may seem to us as double-edged swords, while others shall be clearly positive indeed. We must remember, though, that every shift in technology brings with it the potential of much progress if we use this in a positive and mindful manner. The responsibility lies entirely in our hands. The innovator, the inventor, the discoverer, gives to us a gift. It is always a gift. Technology is our friend, but the manner in which we use it may not make it appear so. Technology must be supported by mindful self-responsibility.

This sense of personal responsibility gets a boost from Saturn as it uses the humanitarian energy of Aquarius to bring about a change in the collective mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we’. I do believe that this shift is the most fundamental one as without it, no technological change can truly be adjudged as an advancement. The sign of Aquarius is deeply beneficial for the spread of the awareness of social justice and the collective good. (In fact, many social workers, carers, and activists have Aquarius either as their sun sign, MC, ascendant, true node, or a combination of these.) Saturn's influence propels humanity towards policy changes and social movements that demand greater equality, unity, and oneness in all areas of human life so as to further inclusivity and opportunity for all. Due to this, some of the greatest changes evinced could be in the area of governance, where the elected leaders put into place goals of collective good, and well-being of all, ensuring that no community or group feels alienated, condemned, or ignored. Those leaders that do not make these changes, and attempt to further separativeness, could be summarily shown the door by an aware society. Once again the responsibility lies with us. The more aware we are as a society, the greater and louder shall be our demands for change, and inclusiveness.

So, this brings us to the very important personal shifts that Saturn in Aquarius could bring about. The combination of these energies gives us the courage and freedom to express our true selves, breaking free from the burdens of conditioned suppression and societal/familial oppression. The need to express our individuality and sense of creativity shall be experienced in all areas from art forms to literature, from education to governance, from economics to law, from business to management. This self-expression is not rebellion for the sake of rebellion; it is an answer to an inner demand for unity, uniqueness, and ‘I AM’. It may be loud but it shall not be clamorous, it may be silent but it shall not be put down.

So, here’s an interesting situation. On a global/societal level the shifts are clearly from ‘me’ to ‘we’. On a personal level, they express ‘me-ness’ – a breaking free from the fear-filled chains that have stopped us from freely expressing ourselves and who we are, remaining steadfast in the face of external resistance. The chains of conditioning, condemnation, outdated norms and standards shall be broken. ‘I SAY YES TO ME’ could well be the slogan for changing world.

But, don’t be fooled by this into believing that there shall be mayhem and irresponsible behaviours. Saturn is a disciplinarian. Never forget that. Aquarius gives you the energy resources to make these huge personal changes, but Saturn shall demand self-discipline of each one of us. The larger truth of ‘we consciousness’ shall not be violated, and attempts to do that shall certainly be answered by the swift reining in that the Saturn energy is well-known for. Gandhiji’s wise words ring truer now than ever before: ‘Be the change you wish to see’. Hard work, perseverance, self-discipline, and self-responsibility are the need of the hour, and through the use of these pillars we shall see societal and global changes that could be astounding.

Of course, no change is easy, and all change involves gestation and ‘labour pains’. These are a part of the transformative period. Challenge makes us stronger, bringing emotional grit and spiritual maturity. Let us remember this when the cosmic teacher, Saturn, throws us more than just one curve ball. Simultaneously shall the Aquarius energy give us the ability and tenacity to find creative solutions to the challenges, leading not only to personal growth but to the enrichment of collective consciousness. Wherever limitations exist, personal or global, Saturn shall bring this into our awareness most strongly, and Aquarius shall prod us into finding inclusive and humanitarian solutions and innovations. Personal goals shall not be attained through sacrifice of community goals. Wherever there is a resistance to collective well-being, there shall be a tremendous struggle faced due to personal selfishness. Divisions like class, caste, race, status, position, gender, shall find themselves teetering, and eventually falling. Yes, this could be accompanied by conflict and uneasiness, but that is only because personal and collective mindsets of greed, selfishness, power and control are not easy to give up.

Overall, I can say that though this two year period may not at all times seem smooth-flowing, it is a period I am looking forward to as humanity, humanness, togetherness, and collective advancement is heralded into the new age.

The author, Ellaeenah JadeFire, is not a traditional astrologer, nor does she have any more than very basic knowledge of traditional astrology. Her work with soul-based astrology has been guided by her Cosmic Master, JadeFire (Lord Sananda). To know about the soul blueprints that she has been creating for two decades now, you can click on this link
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