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A Mother Silently Speaks To Her Daughter

A sad and troubled mother came to consult me today. This is written as a tribute to her, and to all of us mothers who love our troubled teenagers, no matter what.

It’s so hard to love you

When you constantly push me away

I long to enter

But out is where I must stay

It’s so hard to love you

The way I know you want to be loved

……If only you would open your heart.

I know I have erred

And made mistakes you can’t forget

I know I have failed

Even when I really tried my best

You are a teenager and oh! so cruel

I am the adult

But, why, so often, do I feel a fool?

Let me hold you

Like I did when you were born

Let me wipe away tears

That lie unshed within your proud heart

Let me take a few steps

To close the distance that sears me

Oh! My baby, let me again be ‘Mommy’

In your eyes I see

The anger that once had blazed in mine

You hurt me, yes,

But I know how deeply you hurt inside

I know you love me

That, I am certain, will never die

For we share the beat of one breathing heart

Who else can you turn to

When you need to scream in rage?

Who else can you beat up

When the world seems a cold and empty stage?

Whose love can be so strong

To contain the depth of your confused pain

And transform it back to love again?

Yes, it hurts to be your mother

And, yes, often have you made me cry

But I would never be anything else, my beloved,

For you are my life, my pride, my joy

And if in these tumultuous years

I can be there for you

As my mother was then for me

I will ever be grateful to God above

For the lessons you have taught to me

I have learnt that though painful

Motherhood is hard to best

Its victory lies in surrender

In acceptance it triumphs the rest

As you grow, my daughter,

I grow too……

This legacy of the Joy of Life

One day I will gift to you

And when you are a Mother,

My beautiful daughter,

Remember these words with care……

Love your children for who they are

(Yes, even when they shout and stare!)

And one day, when your hair turns grey

They will be your staff along the way.

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