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Blessed Are Those Who Age

Blessed Are Those Who Age

Where there is a will, there is a way

At least that's what I've heard them say

But their actions show me another 'truth'

Of hope that's gone, along with the faith of youth

As the years speed past, courage seems to wane The joys are short-lived, fewer seem the gains And old age brings its share of woes

A list that darkens as it grows. It's in the evening of our life That hope must be the beacon of light We might need some help to carry on That's a reward we receive for the care we've shown It's a time to receive for all the times we've given To take some rest for all the times we've striven The will to do replaced by the will to Be The empathy given to others, now given to 'me' To slow down now is the way of Spirit As it gently removes adherence to the 'minute' The needs of ego urged to diminish So Spirit can take charge of the finish The end shall come to one and all Our Home Light beckons, soul answers its call The body weakens, the soul awakens From out of our hands the choices are taken The might of youth sees the end of day And where there's Divine Will, there is The Way.

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