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Energy 'Shampooing'

A clean aura is a healthy aura. A healthy aura welcomes good health, financial growth, relationship happiness, and a balanced life. Many of us pay attention to diet, exercise, investments, business plans, therapy (if needed), meditation, and so on, but we are disappointed when the results are lacklustre. Often the answer to this lies in the energy blocks that resist the positive energy that flows towards us, and might even push it out of our reach. Each day our energy systems pick up the dirt of thoughts, feelings, words and actions - our own, and those of others. This dirt is cleared away naturally by our systems, but if debris continues to pile in thick and fast, the system weakens, and is unable to deal with the large heap. This uncleared pile of energy garbage becomes, what is often known as, energy blocks, which are, in turn, responsible for poor health - physical, chakric, mental, emotional and financial.

Keeping the aura clean is a pretty simple process if done regularly, and does not require you to visit an energetic health facilitator. Do this daily before you bathe, so that the debris cleared is washed away by cool water. Use neither very hot nor very cold water while cleaning the aura - the best temperature is a moderate warm-cool one. Use switchwords while clearing your auric field. To identify the switchwords that are best used for the day, review the last 24 hours in order to recognise the thoughts and feelings (your own and those of others) that would have created 'garbage'. Use the switchwords required to clear that particular garbage.

Wash the palms of your hands with the warm-cool water, and while your palms are wet, place them in sea salt, or Himalayan salt, so that the salt sticks to the wet palms. Slowly run your palms down the length and breadth of your body (keeping your palms about six inches away from the physical body). Imagine that you are very slowly and gently smoothing out wrinkles and lovingly caressing your energy body. As you run your hands down the energy body, chant the chosen switchwords of the day. To clear the back of the body, imagine that you are facing the back, and follow the same procedure. Do not forget to clear the aura around your head, throat and neck as well. Be particular to clear the dirt at the chakric points. These are very sensitive area and pick dirt very quickly. Once you have done this thoroughly, wash your palms well, and then step into the shower. While the water runs over your entire body affirm repeatedly 'I AM happy, I AM healthy, I AM healed, I AM whole. Ho'o'ponopono Ho'o'ponopono Ho'o'ponopono.'

Now you can proceed with your bath. Once you have finished your bath, take some Bach Flower Remedies that shall support the switchwords that you used for the aura cleansing. (If you wish to learn about SwitchWords and Bach Flower Remedies please email me.) Happy health to you!

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