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Zodiac Signs and the Core Issues Faced

“Core issues of all are being brought to the fore in order to be addressed. To address these, pay less attention to the events triggering the emotional stresses, and pay more attention to the emotional reaction itself, and the reason for these reactions. The reason does not lie in the events, even though you might think it does. It lies in the core of your current embodiment…it is the reason for this current birth, and as the time of spiritual rebirthing of all nears (in 2024-25), this core of current embodiment must be released from the grip of that which can hinder the spiritual rebirthing. Though not complete in its information, the signs under which lie your natal sun, natal moon, and ascendant can bring you significant awareness of the core of your current embodiment, and the direction you need to take to facilitate the spiritual rebirthing that you have chosen for yourself.” These are the words of Cosmic OverLord JadeFire.

To identify what lies at the core of your current embodiment, you need to study the issues surrounding your sun sign, moon sign, and the sign under which your Ascendant lies. To help you with this, I share this with you:


The issue lies in the sense of self. In your desire to be recognised as unique, and assert your individuality, you tend to ignore the feelings and needs of others. Your beliefs might be right for you, but to assert them upon others, is to open the door to emotional strife by encountering disagreement and annoyance. You have original ideas, and a unique way of thinking, but you must learn not to impose this upon others, and to allow others to find their way in the manner best suited for them. Your emotional challenges arise from selfishness, your frustration at not being able to make others follow what you believe is right, and your inability to co-operate with others without taking the lead. Your gift as a leader comes to the fore in leading others where they wish to go, and not where you wish to direct them.


The issue lies in your attempt to establish spiritual values. You are being challenged to step out of the stronghold of your personal and material desires. The greater is your frustration at your desires being thwarted, the more severely shall you experience the hand of the Universe. Attachment to material possessions, personal desires, self-aggrandizement, and your beliefs and knowledge, is the emotional trigger. Deal with personal responsibilities without getting out of balance, because the big lesson that Taurus shall have you learn is ‘let go’. Welcome change; don’t fight it. If you accept what is, you shall not feel that life is pushing you around. You are the catalyst that helps others establish their spiritual foundations, by freeing themselves from physical entrapment.


The issue lies in your holding on to duality. You are being challenged to rise to the awareness of your soul, and expand your consciousness. Judgment, blame, dislike, irritation, and such are pointers of duality. You are being urged to learn, and practise, soul-talk. Finding personal gaps through which your spirituality is slipping away, is far more rewarding than looking for, and talking of, flaws in others. Your challenges come through relationships, so that you can see the other as a unique being as complete (or incomplete) as you. ‘Goodness’ is not a façade that you use to fool others (and self); ‘goodness’ is a complete state of being. Find meaningful ways to communicate ‘goodness’ to all, not only to those who make you feel good. By learning tough lessons pertaining to Right Human Interaction, you open the door to self awareness, self-acceptance, and unconditional acceptance of others


The issue lies in identification of self through family, parents/ancestors, background, work, culture, and so on. When self is identified through any of these, the tendency is to hold on very strongly to them, and the challenge comes from not being able to give freedom to the other, or to the self, to be every bit of who they/you are. This stage of evolution involves knowing your self, and finding your stability, security and emotional anchorage in the inner being. This is why you are often compelled to take on responsibilities, even financial ones, so that you become aware of your self, your power, and your strength. You consider these as ‘burdens’ because you wish for another, or the outside, to make you feel secure, and tend to play the victim card when the Universe does not allow this pattern of weakness to continue. This same victim card makes you hold on tightly to the pain that you believe has been caused to you by these ‘burdens’. As you transform into your power, you rise up as the Universal Mother who enriches the world with her intuition, compassion, nurturance, and strong love.


The issue lies in relinquishing conditional love, and the need for dominance. Thus, the soul and ego clash quite often, creating the conflicts that you experience. This issue often brings with it the pain of rejection, which teaches the lesson that the outer ‘throne’ that you seek, can disempower you, and that self-mastery comes when you take your place on the ‘inner throne’. The shift required of you is to give love and respect, instead of wanting to be adored and recognised; to attract with spiritual magnetism instead of physical domination. You are a source of Divine Inspiration, and a font of Divine Creativity, but both these stay hidden till you make the shift.


The issue lies in the deep need to serve and help others, and the need for perfection and self-development that often translates into a critical outlook (finding flaws in others because you seek to correct flaws in self). The spiritual learning is one of integrating spiritual consciousness into daily life and work, but the challenge lies in identifying the emotional/psychological reason behind the service and the help rendered. An often unrecognised personal need for validation, approval, admiration, acceptance and so on, can result in feeling that the help that has been offered or rendered has been rejected, spurned, unappreciated or disrespected. You are a selfless conduit of service to others, but your challenge in this regard is two-fold - (i) to liberate this service from any personal need or quid pro quo, and (ii) to give help when it is asked for, instead of emotionally jumping in to rescue others.


The issue lies in the Libran need to have things done in their way. Their actions appear as co-operation, but the underlying need for ‘my way’ is never too far away, resulting in conflicts which, ironically, the Libran tries to avoid at all cost. To keep the peace, you might allow another to ‘call the shots’, but the brewing resentment is always expressed in some way or the other, and often in a passive-aggressive manipulative way. The shift demanded is from ‘me’ consciousness to ‘we’ consciousness, as you are urged towards attaining inner balance, and balance with the outside world. As a result, relationships of all kinds become very important, as you attempt to balance the ego and soul. Though the Libran would like to believe that compassion and fairness are strengths possessed and used, what is often in the fore is ego dominance and an inability/unwillingness to hear or heed another’s view. The Libran charm and outward compliance hide a strong iron fist that seeks to get its way. When a shift is made from ‘me’ to ‘we’, there is genuine co-operation, and not just an appearance of it. In this capacity, you serve as an important element that brings about unity in diversity.


The issue is the inner battle between lower desires and higher consciousness. Extremes abound in everything. The urge to maintain self-identity can turn into acute selfishness, and the natural propensity to help others can be expressed as wounding self-sacrifice. Much of the pain caused is self-inflicted because disagreements are met with rudeness, caustic sarcasm, jealousy, vindictiveness, or the use of underhanded ways. Victory over the darkness of self is of paramount importance in this incarnation. The Scorpio experiences both, extremes of materialism and spiritualism, in this journey towards liberating self from the ego, but once this has been attained, he shines a light that shows others the way as they walk their own dark paths.


The issue is the need to appear wise, and knowledgeable. Foolishness is not abided, and seeming to others to be ignorant or foolish has to be avoided at all cost. This often leads to strict control being exercised over self, and over external scenarios that could negatively reflect upon the Sagittarius. Such control effectively hides from view the strong desires and passions that often run amuck within. The lesson is to learn self-discipline, without putting the self through rigours of self-negation, and to enjoy the earthly pleasures without allowing them to enslave you. This is a journey of the self, and Sagittarius does not have much to offer another anyone till the self-purification is completed. Learning, and understanding Universal Laws is the way that Sagittarius must walk upon.


The issue is inferiority complex. This results in possessiveness, attachments to things and people, and over-ambitiousness. With this comes the baggage of karma that has accumulated due to these traits. Challenges are faced by perceived threats to social status and prestige. The unawakened Capricorn works hard to meet ever-increasing personal ambitions; the awakened Capricorn works tirelessly to meet common goals that benefit all. Higher consciousness of self, and the purpose to be attained, shifts the self-centred focus of the Capricorn, and resolves the inferiority complex that is a cause of (recognised or unrecognised) constant inner wounding.


The issue is lack of grounding, and the ability to delude self. A philosopher in the head, but lacking practicality in action, causes much of the undoing of the Aquarius. Hard facts play less of a role than self-convictions based upon little reality. That is why labels like ‘eccentric’ and ‘air-head’ are often applied to you. There is genuine deep desire to do good for others, and to be of service to others, but lack of grounding, and knowledge based in fact, bring the desires to naught. When self-expression is thwarted, and when Aquarius if forced to conform to another’s structure and demands, there is deep discontent. To overcome this, awareness of one’s ‘illusions’ and ‘delusions’ is most essential, as is the self-discipline required to play by the rules and existing structures. This shall help you attain the humanitarian goals that you wish to fulfil.


The issue is ultra sensitivity to what is around and outside of you. Lack of discrimination between ‘my truth’ and ‘another’s influence’ causes much inner conflict. The need to escape anything unpleasant is very strong, and makes the Pisces take shabby short-cuts that return to bite you. Unconditional love is the strength of the Pisces more than any other zodiac sign, but when this strength is not balanced by discrimination, it results in emotional blindness, and emotional extravagances. The lesson to learn is not to lose self in others, but to maintain self even as oneness with others is attained.

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