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Not A Walk Alone

Today we shall make our acquaintance with Henry. Henry is a lot like you and I. After much floundering, and taking many wrong turns, he finally found the road, which he knew, in his heart, would reach him to his chosen destination. Initially, he moved a little slowly, hesitantly even, alert for the various road signs along the way that would guide him. As he became more familiar with the chosen path, he gained confidence in himself, and in his decision, and his steps became surer, stronger. The pace he walked at, accelerated, and he strode with determination, without anxiously looking all around him. His eye was fixed upon the goal that seemed to beckon him forward. With each step, the bond between him and God Within grew stronger, and knowing that he was an integral part of the Universe, he recognised himself as the Co-Creator of his destiny, his life. He saw clearly now that he was responsible for the events he encountered, that the building blocks of his reactions were responsible for either the smooth road or the pitfalls that threatened to tumble him. He looked up at the bright sky, and the radiant sun, and joyously shouted out loud, “I welcome you to be Co-creator with me.”

The journey continued on for many days, and Henry became acutely conscious of how surely he was creating the road ahead of him with every step that he took. He experienced his oneness with Nature, and learnt that Faith was his strongest companion, and Blame the cause of his falls. As he communed with Nature and the Universe, he received the awareness that his journey was quickly coming to its end, that the chosen destination was close at hand, and that soon he would come to the bridge that would take him across. Excitement made his heart even lighter, and there was a distinct bounce in his step.

This lightness came to an abrupt end when Henry came closer to where the bridge should have been, and where now was just emptiness. That bridge had fallen!!! Heaviness came upon Henry, and his footsteps began to falter. He knew there was no turning back, but how could he move ahead when the bridge had given way? Without stopping, he communed with God Within, never leaving the hand of his constant companion, Faith. He had asked all of the Universe to Co-Create with him, and he was certain that he would not be abandoned in his time of need. With each step that seemed to be taking him to the emptiness ahead, he affirmed, “I have invited the Universe to be Co-creator, and the Universe has agreed.” Thus he moved on --- towards what seemed to be an abyss.

And just then, the miracle occurred! Where the bridge should have been, a slight divergence had been made, which Henry had been unable to see due to the curve in the road. At that bend, another bridge had already been built! Henry felt his hand being squeezed gently by Faith, who looked at him and smiled. As he stepped on to the newly constructed bridge, Henry heard shouts of jubilation and encouragement from the heavens above. These were the cheers for the returning warrior; a warrior who was bruised from the battles he had fought, but who was not defeated. Each time he had fallen, Faith had stood by, silently waiting for him to hold its hand. The mighty Universe had respected the Light that Henry carried, and instantly answered his prayer, “I welcome you to be Co-creator with me.” Thus Henry, like us all, had never walked alone.

He walked with Faith, and with the Universe. And he reached Home.

(Inspired by a parable of Kryon)

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