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The Seduction

Let us meet 44-year-old Jeremy. Through the course of his life he had lost both his parents, faced heartbreak, and overcome many losses. Through it all, he had remained unfazed - the spirit in him, alive and active. Constantly expanding. The blows of fate had not been successful in turning him into a cynical, bitter man. Jeremy loved ‘to live’. Even when he had had no friend, Life had been his happy companion. Ever since he had turned thirty, Jeremy had been having strange dreams that seemed to him to be more like visions. At first they were very occasional, but, with the passing years, their frequency had increased. The initial amazement that Jeremy had felt, had turned into understanding, as each vision brought about some significant change in his belief, his knowledge, his living.

On the night of his 44th birthday, a beautiful angel came to him, in his vision, and said, “Jeremy, would you like to play a game?” You and I, both, know that Jeremy replied, “Yes. I’d love to!”

“Then why don’t you come with me?

Jeremy did not have to be asked twice. Almost instantly, he found himself at the opening of a cave. He recognized this cave; he’d stood outside it on multiple occasions in his visions. He had never been inside the cave, and even now waited outside. The angel gave him a small push. “Go on, Jeremy. Look inside.” This was unexpected, and Jeremy was excited. The cave was dark from within, but Jeremy could see a path that was not too long, at the end of which was a strong ray of light. Jeremy said, “May I enter?”

The angel replied, “But, of course. You have to, in order to play the game.”

“But what is the game?”

“The ‘game’ is to walk the entire length of the path that you see before you, in one earthly hour.”

“That’s it? I can do that in 15 minutes! This is the easiest game I have ever played.”

“I am glad to hear that,’ said the angel, smiling enigmatically.

“What do I get as my reward when I win?”

“The reward is the game; to walk the path in an hour. To reach that ray of light. That is the purpose of the game, and that is the reward as well.”

“Fine. It doesn’t seem very interesting, but seeing that I’ve come here, let’s do this.”

“Oh, I’m not coming in,” said the angel. “This is not a race. You have to play the game alone.”

Intrigued now, Jeremy readied himself to enter the cave. Before he stepped in, the angel told him that in the cave were kept, very securely, the Akashic Records. Jeremy's eyes lit up as he understood his earlier visions better. He was now even more eager to enter the cave.

Not long after he had entered, Jeremy realised that though the path had appeared to be very dark from the outside, the cave was, in fact, filled with the most beautiful colours, and light emanations. He glanced swiftly at his watch, and was relieved. “Just 2 minutes up. I have another 58 minutes. I can take my time, and enjoy these lights and colours.”

A few minutes later he began to hear melodic tones; sounds that were soothing and appealing. Unable to understand where the music was coming from, he decided, “Let me wait here a short while. I don’t have any reason to hurry”. When he began to walk again, he heard voices that were indistinct but definitely present. He paused momentarily to decipher what they were saying, but they were too unclear to hold his attention, and he continued on his way.

In just a few short minutes he beheld a spectacular sight. All around him were hanging the most luminous crystal wands. They sparkled and shimmered, throwing out colours that he could not even name. He quickly checked his watch again. ‘I have time to see what these crystals are all about.” One crystal, in particular, seemed to call out to him. He moved forward to touch it lightly, but was unsure whether he should pick it up from its place. He decided not to, and was content to maintain light contact with it. Waves of energy began to surge through his entire body, and Jeremy felt that he was being transported to another place, another time. He was captivated as he realised that he was seeing his past embodiments. He saw sights that made him smile, that touched his heart, and those that brought to him tears of remorse and regret. His hand shook, and he lost the vision as soon as he broke contact with the crystal. “Wow! How interesting! That was some experience!”.

He began moving away, but stopped dead in his tracks. He had heard a voice. But, it couldn’t be, could it? It was the voice of his mother who had passed into light several years ago. He looked around wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. He was inexorably drawn to a crystal. Somehow he knew that the crystal was his mother’s. His hand reached up towards it, but a gentle force seemed to stop him. Deep in his heart, he heard a voice, “This is a very private crystal. Do not touch it.” Disappointed, he questioned, ‘Wouldn’t my mother want me to know all her secrets? She’d never keep anything from me.” He ignored the inner voice, and touched his mother’s crystal. At once he was able to see all the lives of his mother, all that she had done, the mistakes she had made. Some of these scenes disturbed him greatly, and he wished he had heeded the inner voice. Shaking his head, as though to clear his mind of what he had seen, he decided to walk away. Again, a voice stopped him. He recognised the voice of his father. “Let me see where my father’s crystal is,” he said. When he would think of this moment much later, Jeremy would realise how quickly we forget the lessons that the inner voice seeks to teach us. Connecting with his father’s crystal, he was able to see the lives of his father, and saw clearly how history had, in many ways, repeated itself.

Jeremy had, by now, lost all awareness of the passing hour, because the crystals, and the stories they had to tell him, held him in fascination. He had been distracted by the cave. Suddenly he felt a huge jolt, and found himself standing outside the cave. At the entrance again. In surprise, he looked up at the angel waiting there, and said, “What am I doing here?”

“Jeremy, one earthly hour. That is what you were given. I’m sorry, my dear friend, but the hour is up.” With these words, Jeremy awoke from his sleep, the vision gone.

As dawn broke, Jeremy was overwhelmed by the profundity of the vision. He understood what he was being encouraged to learn. The Path to Light is a short and straight one, and if his focus had been consistently upon the path, instead of the glamours that had often distracted him, he would have accomplished the mission swiftly. He knew he would have to continue to return to the cave till he had accomplished the mission. He prayed that the next time the temptation to fulfil the desires of his senses would not prove to be his undoing. "Yes, desires, expectations, and disappointments make the path seem much longer than it really is," Jeremy said to himself. "We lose the game because we lose our focus, and then we are tempted to blame others for the defeat." Jeremy understood that his senses had helped him to enjoy the journey, but they were sometimes the chains that tied him to his desires. The path had its seduction, but to be seduced had been his decision.

(Inspired by a parable of Kryon)

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