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The Uranus Catapult- New Paradigms, New Portals (Part 2)

As Uranus moves into Taurus, our feelings of security and stability are at the top of the list. Wherever we have traded the inner power for security and stability from an external source, this shall come up for Uranus’ scrutiny. The more we want things to remain the same, the more they shall change. Our resistance to change only makes Uranus exert more force. Instead of futile resistance to change, let us review what makes us secure, how we seek to maintain stability, and then understand how valid (or not) this is. Many of us are conditioned to centre our security and stability around money, possessions, and material things like a job, a house, or relationships. There is no taking away the truth of the security that these do bring to us, but unless we dig deep into ourselves NOW, and learn to support these feelings from within, the next few years might be more difficult than they need to be. Linus grow up NOW, and let go of your security blanket!

It is time to take a look at the different areas where we shall experience the force of Uranus. In the global perspective, this planet is going to force us to address the burning issues of environment protection, global warming, deforestation, alternate sources of fuel, and so on. Uranus could use natural disasters like earthquakes to draw our attention, if we continue to remain complacent.

Fashion and beauty shall be redefined, whereby the body-soul connection shall come to be highlighted rather than the superficiality of glamour that often seeks to hide the void within. Inner beauty shall gain dominance over shallow manmade parameters that define attractiveness. Paying attention to health shall become incumbent upon those who scorn a healthy diet and lifestyle, and abuse the body temple with indiscriminate use of alcohol, tobacco, and other intoxicants and stimulants. The connection between emotions and health shall be explored as scientists begin to view health and medicine from a radically new point of view. This shall lead to cures being found that have for long eluded the world of medicine.

Taurus rules over money, wealth, food, the arts and music. In these areas, Uranus shall bring about substantial shifts. Accompanied by Pluto in Capricorn till 2024, the Uranus catapult shall see many a stock market, bank, financial institution, large business house, and mega market, crash and burn. Money, and its place in this world, shall be forcibly redefined. Even possibly replaced. The power exerted by money loses its validity, and other sources of ‘energy exchange’ come into play. ‘How much is enough?’ This is a question that nations, institutions, and individuals, alike, shall be pushed to ask of themselves. Businesses that put people before the profit line shall stand to gain. Tremendously. Small and honest businessmen shall find that Uranus is their friend. Uranus does not ask us not to enjoy money and what it brings to us. It asks us not to be chained by it, to be defined by it, to be ruled by it. And it frowns upon those who trample others by the might of their monetary resources.

Lopsided economic and financial systems, political systems, and authoritarianism and totalitarianism in any arena shall create their own downfalls. Governance that is based upon transparency and service, and is free of fanaticism and militancy, shall be amply rewarded by Uranus, who might also bring to the fore leaders who had not been earlier recognised as such. On a personal level, it is best that we honestly acknowledge and address our control issues now, before Uranus makes it his business to make us do so.

Food could be a cause of grave concern in the coming years. We are urged to share, and to move towards fair distribution for all. Again the question shall be, ‘what is enough?’ Agricultural methods that respect the land and value the earth will bring untold rewards. Finding solutions to the problem of global hunger is definitely a priority for Uranus.

Uranus places a responsibility upon the arts, and music. Not only do they mirror the changing values, but spur them on as well. No more can the arts, or literature, be content to imitate life; now, they must use their creative force to bring about transformation at all levels, in all places, addressing, both, children and adults.

To sweep away the old energies that serves us no longer, thus making place for the new, is the primary task of Uranus. Legal systems and education systems are hereby addressed. Focussing on outdated laws, those that are discriminatory in nature, rules that further the entitlement of a few at the cost of the many, all these shall come up for review in these next seven years. Education systems that disregard the inherent value of the student, and give more prominence to antiquated rules and ego-based attitudes shall be summarily swept away in the Uranus upheaval. Equitable education systems based upon merit, and promoting mind-body-soul development shall demand their rightful place.

Self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-value, inner power, inner strength, inner stability, inner security, home and nurturance, forward thought, original creativity, equality in relationships, this, and more, is what Uranus holds out to us as a promise for the future. But, to earn it, we have to accept, with understanding and equanimity, the shake-up that comes first. Uranus has a collective role to play, and though its dwelling in Taurus shall affect each person on this globe, its personal role in each one’s life can be determined only by a detailed look at the natal chart. But here is a suggestion that could help us all: when Uranus turns its attention upon us, and we feel overwhelmed with the suddenness and magnitude of the changes demanded of us, or when a part of our world seems to be crashing, let us not drain our energies by fighting this. Instead, seek to understand how that event, small though it might seem to another, brings into question the external source of your stability and security. Turn to your support system (or create one, where there is none), and find ways to shift this inwards. Recognise the impermanence of that external source, and understand the constancy of the inner core. With this shift, you shall enjoy the many rewards that Uranus shall bring to you; rewards that shall seem to you incredible, and unbelievably magical.

To read in detail about Uranus, and the manner of its functioning , please read The Uranus Catapult---Part 1

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