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The Uranus Catapult- New Paradigms, New Portals (Part 1)

Uranus is the planet that truly personifies the saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new’. It spells progress and innovation, inventiveness and originality, and while it does what it is assigned to do, it shakes things up! Shakes, stirs, rattles. Uranus abhors a status quo, and wherever it sees sluggishness, and lack of growth, it ensures that it disturbs and unsettles what has become ‘comfortable’ – too comfortable, to the point of becoming stagnant.

Uranus rebels against old and worn-out systems of functioning, both, in our personal lives, and on a macro level across the world. The common thread that runs through the human race is the desire for ‘no change’ (except, of course, that which we initiate, and expect others to follow). This is exactly why we need Uranus. Its energies unsettle us so radically that we are left with no option but to change. Most of the changes that are Uranus-influenced tend to be either rebellious or erratic at first, but Uranus continues to create a disturbance, till at last, we make changes that arise out of mind-body-soul balance, serving self and others, instead of self-serving changes determined by emotional immaturity and/or defiance.

Chaos is not something that Uranus either fears or shies away from. In fact, the value of chaos is well-understood by Uranus. Chaos is used as a catalyst that pushes us out of our comfortable ruts, and catapults us onto the path of soul progression. This is expansion, and while it is often resisted because of personal fears and insecurities, it is the only way we evolve and ascend, not only on a personal front, but as the collective human race. (You might be interested to hear the channelling, and meditation, on ‘Chaos’ on my YouTube channel ‘Ellaeenah JadeFire’ )

Uranus strikes quickly – without warning, without gentle nudges. It observes an area where change is most required, and gets to work in the only way it knows how; by turning it onto its head! Where it detects stagnancy, selfishness, dishonesty, fear, complacency, and powerlessness, Uranus strikes. Strikes suddenly. Strikes strongly. The push of Uranus cannot be ignored. Speeding out from our blind side, it turns the entire situation upside down, and any attempts to bring it back to what it once was, prove futile. We are left with no other option but to adapt, and adopt new beliefs, new attitudes, new actions; those that are for the wellbeing of all, and not just the limited enrichment and ‘happiness’ of self.

Unpredictability is the essence of Uranus. This is important for all to remember, including those who respect the valuable readings given by cards, crystals, and so on. The reader, and the person for whom the reading is done, must hold uppermost in their minds Uranus’ unpredictability. What comes up as a sure answer in a reading, can take a 180º turn if that is willed by Uranus for a higher purpose to be served. Swift and complete about-faces in readings shall not be uncommon, and I’m sure many of you have already experienced this. These do not invalidate the reading or the reader, but strongly encourage all to take personal responsibility for their actions, rather than rely blindly on anything or anyone that is an external source. It also asks you to recognise the external source of stability and security, and to shift to the inner core.

Uranus is a detached planet. It focuses exclusively upon the evolution of the human race, and ensures that each one of us is in alignment with that, aiding in the expansion process, not deterring it. Emotions, feelings, mollycoddling --- no, this is not what Uranus understands, nor to be honest, is particularly interested in. It’s succinct and unemotional message is, ‘wake up, and smell the coffee!’

Being slow-moving, Uranus remains in one zodiac sign for about 7 years! Yup, you read that right! Seven-year itch takes on a different meaning, huh? Uranus moved into Taurus in May 2018, and many experienced its unpredictability almost instantly. In the last seven years, when it was in Aries, we saw clearly the utter selfishness in human hearts come rushing to the fore, as selfish leaders swept aside all but their desires of aggrandisement. But, we also saw tremendous growth in service to others, we experienced in many areas a global transformation from ‘me’ to ‘we’, and care for our beloved planet, plants and animals, was paid greater attention to than ever before. Instead of stridency and militancy, or passivity and indifference, silent, dedicated leadership of common folk took initiation to heal and change the world, one step at a time, in significant, ways. In Taurus now, Uranus is here to create more than just a ripple. And in more than just one area.

The next few years shall bring about an awakening – no, not just a spiritual one. In Taurus, Uranus shall act upon every single aspect of our earthly three-dimensional life. Think of being turned inside out, upside down, and tumbled washed and dried. Now, you get the picture. Do not react with fear; remember, fear is one area that Uranus shall work upon emphatically. Sudden changes do make us feel as though the rug has been pulled from right under our feet, but think of the excitement of ringing out the old, and embracing the new. Yes, there shall be losses (of all kinds), but, hold on to the faith that with the loss shall leave stagnant energies that have long stunted your growth. Every ‘loss’ shall make you better equipped to greet a future that the human race has envisioned, prayed for, but felt could never be. And in that lies our victory.

To read about the changes brought by Uranus in areas like money, relationships, food, and so on, please read The Uranus Catapult---Part 2

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