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Meaningful Communications

Ahh, Divine Goddess, rise, and speak your truth – with tenderness and love!

This, in a nutshell, describes today’s New Moon in Gemini. The moon comes riding to us upon the energies of Goddess Luna/ Diana. As she rises in this coming period, and the moon grows larger, the Goddess energy shall get stronger, within us all. Yes, dear men, you have the Goddess energy too, and this should make you feel more powerful, not less manly. As the power of the moon goddess gets more insistent within us, the shape of our relationships in this period shall determine whether the inner goddess is healthy and active, or not.

Crabbiness, strident speech, poor communication, anxiety and fears, mental confusion, and clouded judgement are all indicators of the goddess’ weakness, her dormancy. A brave look at the illusions of our mind, the ability to disagree without resorting to sulks and tantrums, saying what might be unpleasant in a manner that empowers another, and does not emasculate them, these show the gloriousness of the goddess within. The New Moon in Gemini is here to stimulate her, to bring her to the forefront.

This period brings the heart of the moon in balance with the mind of Gemini. Think before you speak, feel the other’s emotions before jumping to conclusions, empathise instead of criticise, reach out and connect to another’s heart in order to heal it – these are the messages for you from the New Moon. Do not scorn or undermine another’s beliefs; remember, you may be suffering from as many illusions as you are blaming another for. Respect all viewpoints, and listen with care, and then make a decision that serves you best. Be flexible; rigidity shall lose you more friends than you would like in this period. Instead of constantly wishing to be heard, this is the time to step back, and really listen. - Listen without interruption, listen without judgement, listen without derision. Listen, and respect what you are hearing.

The New Moon period is always a period of manifestation and creation. Use this period well. Don’t be trigger happy, and allow your imbalanced emotions to tune in to a manifestation. You might just get what you think you want, be warned. Doing a balancing meditation before manifestation is the right approach. Manifestation for the larger good shall work far quicker than selfish manifestations, as all the planets now are united in urging us to step out of our small selves, and be there for each other. In fact, the more you co-ordinate and network with others on common goals, the greater shall be the joy of creation that you shall experience.

Stop chattering, stop complaining, stop whining, stop grumbling. Have a heart to heart with those who matter to you, listen to them with an open mind, speak to them with a loving heart. Speak softly. Pay heed to the tone. Pay close attention to the words you choose. Be cognisant of the real, hidden reason behind you saying what you are saying.

This period of the New Moon shall enhance your communication with crystals, with angels, and with other realms. Be happy in their company, spend time with close friends and loving family, enjoy intimate moments with that special someone, talk to your plants, connect with your pets.

Wishing you much fun, meaningful conversations, happy learning, and a bright, open and happy mind.

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